15-Minute Cleanup (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of my 15-Minute Cleanup guides. Last time we learned how to make a bathroom sparkle when you have limited time, and today we will learn how to follow this same technique with bedrooms. This can be for a master bedroom, guest bedroom or any other type of bedroom.

As a disclaimer, these guides are not for the perfectionist. This is an extremely basic, cursory clean designed to help the busy stay-at-home mom, working mother or working woman or man. It doesn’t mean you sacrifice cleanliness though. It just means special projects and deep, thorough or “spring” cleaning are not the goal now and need to be set aside for another time. The goal is to re-gain control and re-gain the hospitality aspect of your social life!

Each 15-Minute Cleanup guide has these five simple steps.
1. Gather all the products you will need.
2. Trash.
3. Laundry.
4. Clean up.
5. You’re done!

Let’s go through this guide for a bedroom;
1. New trash can liner(s) for any trash cans, a dusting product and a cleaning rag, a vacuum cleaner with a clean vacuum bag (if necessary), an empty laundry basket, carpet freshener (if desired), Febreze or generic alternative (if desired), a box, bucket or bag for misplaced items.
2. Pick up any and all trash you see in the bedroom, place it in a current trash can liner, tie it up, throw it on the porch to take it to the dumpster later. Place the new liner(s) in.
3. Gather any and all dirty laundry that needs to be washed. Place in your empty laundry basket, and set outside the bedroom door to take to the wash room later.
4. Sprinkle carpet freshener on any carpeted areas. Quickly make the bed(s). Nothing fancy, just sheets, then blankets, then arrange pillows on top. Get your bucket for misplaced items. Quickly pick up items from the floor or tops of desks, dressers, etc. and place in the bucket to put away at another time. Spray appropriate surfaces with dusting product. Do not move everything off and dust, just spray empty frequently used spots. Do a quick vacuum of high-traffic areas. Dust sprayed surfaces, spray a little Febreze on carpets, comforters and other linens, and voila!
5. Make a toast to you and your clean bedroom! Invite someone over to show off your clean bedroom, and let them know how you did it in just 15 minutes!

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