3 Ways to Generate Free Electricity at Home

Rising taxes, rising gas prices, and rising electricity costs has put many of us in a bind.  If you are like me, you have been looking for ways to save money in these areas.  One way I found to save money was to have the ability to reduce or eliminate my electrical utility bill by making my own energy at home.

I started to investigate how I could do this, and I learned about three ways I could generate electricity at home.  Here I will explain these methods.

First method is to make your own solar panels.  Solar is a viable energy producing alternative, but it has its own problems for home use.  These panels will only work in direct sunlight, which on average is only about four hours per day.  They won’t generate electricity when it is cloudy, foggy, or at night.  Also, there is a potential hazard of a panel fire, if the panel electrical connections are not made one hundred percent perfect.  The fire risk alone did it for me and I ditched the solar idea for good.

Another method of making free electricity is using a home-made wind turbine.  While at first this seems like a good idea, it has it’s own set of disadvantages.  Firstly, you need to live in an area that has steady and predictable atmospheric winds.  Since I don’t live in an are like this wind power was not a feasible idea.  The other thing to consider is that these wind turbines can be dangerous as well.  If the blades are not attached perfectly to the rotor they can easily shear off in high wind conditions.  I didn’t like the idea of a blade flying across the neighborhood and hurting someone or damaging a neighbor’s property.

Lastly, I stumbled upon magnetic power generation for home use.  These devices are simple, safe, efficient, and reliable.  You can make a magnetic generator at home using tools you already have and parts from a hardware store.  Depending upon the size of the system you build, you can either supplement or eliminate your monthly power needs.  You are then essentially your own power company and you will save a lot of money this way.

You can make all the free energy you want with a home magnetic power generator.

Now you can generate free electricity with a simple and easy to use guide for making a magnetic power generator at home.

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