5 Tips To Be A Work From Home Mom

1. Consider the age-old question what do you want to do when you grow up before you decide to be a work from home mom.


What kinds of things are you passionate about? What will keep you ticking day after day? Is it important for you to have a meaningful career, or are you just looking for a way to pay the bills? This could be your opportunity to take a move closer to your true calling, so choose wisely after some time spent reflecting on your future.

Jot down your main objectives for this new job or career move, and detail what exactly you are hoping to achieve.

2. Decide how much time you can devote to working from home.

Being a mom can pull you in a million directions. If you have more than one tyke at the homestead, it can be a down-right circus some days. Do you have enough time to devote a typical 40-hour work week? Or are you looking for something more part-time, say 15-20 hours a week? What time of day would work for you? Are you willing to work on weekends? Once you can define your parameters, you it will set your search up much easier.

3. Join groups of other moms who work from home.

Its a great idea to link up with people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup and other social networking sites to share ideas and get support. Having another mom to turn to when youre not sure which direction you should go can be a life saver. Plus, its a great way to make new friends!

4. Consider Internet Marketing, or find an opportunity that will provide you with real income potential.

Both the work from home and internet marketing industry are full of scammers. The best way to make sure you are not falling for a scam is to be informed. Do research and due-diligence on the company before you join or get an interview.

Once you are sure youd want to work for the company, double check the income potential. Many traditional corporate jobs have a capped commission structure, which can lead to hitting that glass ceiling so many of us have hit.

The great thing about some internet marketing companies is that they offer commissions, and unlimited earning potential.

In some cases, like in the case of Empower Network for example, there are the elements of passive income (income that comes to you randomly without you actually doing work to get it) and residual income (money that comes to you month after month without fail).

These elements are extremely helpful once you build your business base, you can expect that every month youll attain a certain amount, and sometimes earn money when you dont expect to! This beats a corporate job any day, where you actually trade your time for money and that money is limited.

5. Choose an Internet Marketing Company that aligns with your core values, and meets your expectations of your list (from tip #1).

If youre anything like me, and Im sure you are if youve read this far already, your core values are more important than most things in life. As I get older, I find that my true calling is getting stronger and stronger, and Im learning that I MUST help people in order to be happy. When Im not helping others, I feel stuck and unhappy. When I can actually help someone have a better life, it impacts my life in an immense way and gives me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

At the core of Empower Networks beliefs, you will soon learn that the leaders here are the same way I am. They are only happy when they can help other people. I mean, just look at the name: EMPOWER Network it actually exists to empower other people, to lift them up so that they can experience greatness.

For someone who is preparing for motherhood, or is already in this incredible and important phase in life, this is the absolute most perfect job you could ever find. Not only can you work for yourself, work the amount of time you have available, work around your schedule and your kids schedules, earn passive and residual income, and have uncapped earning potential, but there is one thing that makes this opportunity different than all others:

100% Commissions.

Thats right, all the money you earn goes right to you! Fantastic right?

So join me, as I prepare for a lifetime of being a work from home mom while earning a great living for my family. There is nothing I have ever believed in more than this, and I promise if you come with me I will walk beside you and help you the entire way. Click the link below to watch a video to learn more, then join for just $25.