5 Tips To Keep Allergy Free Environment At Home

It’s not an exaggeration to say that nowadays more and more people are allergic to more and more things, be it food, pollen, pets, dust, and even sunlight and frost! How often do we start sneezing when we enter somebody else’s home full of allergens that we should avoid. How often do our eyes fill with tears when we enter a shop, a cinema or even our own workplace. Allergens are everywhere, and the only place where we can reduce their presence to the absolute minimum is our home. What to do then, to keep allergy free environment at home?

First of all we have to pay attention to dust and mite feeding on it. Heavy curtains, thick carpets, lots of decorations on the shelves (called by some people just “dust catchers”) are places where dust gathers and dust mite find their perfect home. If you don’t want to get rid of them you have to clean them very often. Curtains should be cleaned with steam cleaners. These are small devices that you can now buy in every supermarket. They have a container for water and you connect them to the electric socket. They come equipped with a jet-brush releasing hot water steam that will ideally clean the curtains, killing all the mite at the same time. For floors and carpets good vacuum cleaners with HEPA 13 filter silver ions filter are recommended. They are also not so expensive now, and with high suction capacity they can also remove dust and mite from the carpets. After that you can use the steam mop you bought for cleaning your curtains. Using steam mop has another advantage, too. It will humidify the air, protecting your respiratory duct from drying thus reducing the risk of asthma episodes.

If you or anybody in your family are allergic to feathers, there is no other way to help them but remove all feather-filled pillows and replacing them with anti-allergic cotton filled pillows. Now you can find such pillows in all shops with bedding. You may also use woolen pillows, but then remember to go over them with the steam mop at least once every few days. The same if you are using blankets of any kind. Apart from cleaning the bedding with steam mop you can also use nature to help you, especially if you live in a climate zone where winters are really cold. It is just enough to expose your bedding to frost for an hour before you use it. If the temperature outside is below zero it will kill all those microorganisms that like it warm, and live in your bedding.

Carpets are a nice way of decorating your home, but not when there is a person suffering from allergy. Unfortunately, woolen carpets are full of dust mite, and other microorganisms, even if you dust it regularly. Again, the best way to provide an allergy free environment would be to get rid of the carpets, but if you clean them with the steam-mop, they are much safer. Therefore, every day carpet cleaning should become your habit. Again, in winter you can just carry it outside, put it in the snow and beat it hard so that all the dust and mite remain in the snow. It’s enough to do it once or even twice during the winter.

Clothes can also be allergenic, especially after washing in an appropriate washing powder or washing liquid. To be sure that you or any member of your family suffering from allergy will not scratch themselves to blood after wearing freshly washed clothes, you have to pay attention to a few things. First of all – the washing powder or the washing liquid must be approved as anti-allergic or good for people with allergies. Secondly, even with the right washing powder, rinse the cloths at least twice. Thirdly – forget about all fabric conditioners, no matter how nice they are they can be really dangerous to a person with allergy. Finally, you must iron all clothes, and especially those that have direct contact with the skin, even the underwear if necessary. This way you will eliminate all allergens in the clothes.

Finally, remove all the pets from the house. This can be painful to all members of the family, but if the health and maybe life of any of them is at stake – nothing else matters. You have to get rid of all pets, because their hair is a very strong allergen and also a perfect environment for microorganisms. What’s more, they can bring home pollen and other substances, again on their hair, that will cause allergic reaction in the affected person.

As you can see, providing an allergy free environment at home is not an easy task. However, our health and the health of our loved ones is the most important thing, and we should do everything to make their life easier when they suffer from allergy. With time, all this will become routine, you will feel better, your family will feel better, and your children will be able to play safely everywhere in the house.