A Guide To Backyard Decoration With Tiki Torches

If you have a spacious backyard, you never want to leave it plain and distasteful. You want your backyard looks gorgeous and appealing because you like to spend a lot of time there idling away. Besides that, you love to flaunt it to your guests and visitors. Tiki torches are easily available garden lighting items that you can use for decorating it well. When at the nightfall, the far view of your garden gives a wonderful look to the onlookers. You can give light and charm to your garden by bringing these torches and what makes it more interesting is that it won’t pinch your purse. When you go for tiki torches for your garden, patio, poolside, or backside, you need to know certain aspects of tiki torches.

Tiki torches-an ultimate decorative piece for your backyard

Without a doubt it gives the most pleasant look and you have tiki torches that come in many different materials. These materials vary from bamboo to brass and marbles. This variety makes the job of decoration very easy. You can go for the one that best fit your budget and taste. Also, they come in number of shapes. You have them in conical, tulip, square and diagonal shapes. Mind that you are choosing a material that would last in the outside weather condition.

Know About Tiki Fuels

When you buy tiki torches, the fuel comes as the first concern. Here, you have paraffin oil which is the commonly used fuel for tiki torches. Because of its odorless and harmless nature, a lot of people prefer to use paraffin oil for their tiki torches. Besides this, there is citronella oil which functions as a great mosquito repellent. If at all, you think that you need to have an insect repellent in your backyard gathering, you can fuel some of your tiki torches with citronella oil.

Tiki torch safety tips

Well, this is one of the most important factors that need to be considered carefully. Just be cautious as it is inflammable nature. Quite often, you have little tots and pets in your parties and that is why we need to be conscious about. Just make sure that you have placed it safely and little far away from highly inflammable materials. Place them away from tree branches. Little bit caution is just going to make sure all the pleasure and fun for your party. After all, tiki torches are those which are unavoidable for a backyard party.

Low maintenance

Tiki torches are the most inexpensive decorative item for your back yard and more over this is the traditional light and you cannot imagine your barbeque party without these marvelous lighting pieces. Fortunately, we don’t have to give much maintenance to it. They are movable too. If you want to mount them in your backyard only, that too is not a problem because there are tiki torch case to protect the torches and an occasional cleaning up is just going to make them fresh and useful for a long time.