A Review of Real-Life Kitchens & Baths Magazine

Size and Scale for Everyone

Real-Life Kitchens & Baths Magazine is a great resource for anyone who is thinking about remodeling. The kitchens and baths featured in this magazine are the size and scale that most people will be dealing with in their own home. The projects are small to moderate in size and scale. Most people do not live in very large homes and do not have very large kitchens and baths. For most people, this magazine is for you.

Great Project Information

Each project profile begins with a short article. The article gives a brief description of the project and design. It also gives a little background information on the client and what their intentions were with the project. A floor plan of the completed design is included to show the design along with design features highlighted with brief notes. Full-color photography is used with additional notes to highlight additional key design features. Last, but definitely not least, a cost breakdown is included. This lets you know, approximately, what all of the costs were and what the total project cost was. You cannot go forward with any project without knowing your budget. This is a key piece of information that other magazines leave out.

How-To Tips

Also, included are handy how-to tips, like how to install wood flooring. It breaks down the work step-by-step and includes full-color photographs to illustrate. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person the tips included will surely help. Nothing beats experience but these tips will help to get you started. If you are new to remodeling and you want to do some of the work yourself, include some extra time to compensate for the learning curve. Some remodeling looks easy but it usually takes more work than you might think. The best do-it-yourself projects are the ones without a tight schedule. Aside from the learning curve it can be easy to get distracted while working in your own home. Having an open schedule will ease some of the stress if you are new to remodeling.

A Great Resource

Budget and function are important to any project. This magazine gives that, and more. The designs are attractive and well planned. This magazine gives a lot of information in a small amount of space. The information is presented concisely. They give you what you need to know without being wordy. This magazine can be a great place to, both, start and finish. Enjoy reading and good luck with your project!

The 2011 issue will be at the news stand until October 11, 2011. The publisher has a lot of other magazines to choose from, as well. This magazine is published by Meredith .