A Review of the Coronary Health Improvement Project – CHIP

The Coronary Health Improvement Project, CHIP is a lifestyle program that was developed by Dr. Hans Diehl director of the Lifestyle Medicine Institute of Loma Linda University, California. The program is designed to dramatically reduce and even reverse the risk of life threatening diseases by making simple, painless but deliberate lifestyle changes. Over 50,000 graduates from four continents have experienced remarkable health benefits from the CHIP program.

The CHIP project is scientifically validated and participants see results in just thirty days. Many participants experience an average drop of 15%-20% in their cholesterol levels and reduce or eliminate their need for medication. This reduction in cholesterol levels lowers the chance of a heart attack by 50%. The CHIP program helps many individuals overcome high blood pressure and blood sugar. Overweight participants lose an average of seven pounds in four weeks.

This is achieved by incorporating the concept of caring for the whole person through exercise, wise choices, and a high fiber, low sugar, low salt, and low cholesterol diet. The CHIP plan is not a fad or a temporary weight loss program, it is a lifestyle change. CHIP enables individuals to “eat like a horse and lose weight without gimmicks.” Participants are taught the key physical and psychological concepts that enable individuals to make healthy choices as part of their everyday routine.

CHIP participants receive two heart screenings for total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and blood sugar. They also receive two lifestyle evaluations and personalized counseling. The two hour sessions usually convene four times weekly with sixteen evenings of compelling lifestyle lectures presented by Dr. Hans Diehl via video. The video lectures discuss heart disease, cholesterol control, osteoporosis, hypertension, weight loss, diet, and cancer. The programs are conducted by trained CHIP directors and participants also receive the Dynamic Living text and workbook. The sessions include food demonstrations, menu planning guides, recipes, and food samples. The program ends with a graduation banquet and certificates are awarded to successful participants. Regular alumni support group meetings are also held to encourage “chippers” in their new lifestyle.

CHIP also delivers dividends for businesses by improving the health of their employees. The Borroughs Corporation located in Kalamazoo, Michigan paid $6,000 to send twenty-seven employees to a CHIP seminar. After thirty days the company saw a profound difference and improvement in the health of the employees. They were also able to save $12,000 in medication costs. I was introduced to the CHIP project by Dr. John Kelly who is an associate of Dr. Hans Diehl. I volunteered at one of the programs and heard the testimony of many participants about the effectiveness of CHIP. I have also heard the riveting, witty lectures delivered personally by Dr. Diehl at a CHIP graduation. Dr. Diehl states that “health isn’t everything, but without it everything is nothing.” The CHIP program provides a free information session for prospective participants. The cost to attend the program is usually $300.00 per person with some variation for group discounts. To find a local program hosting site or for additional information about the Coronary Health Improvement Project call 909-796-7676 or write to The Lifestyle Medicine Institute, P.O. Box 474, Loma Linda, CA 92354. Visit the website: http://www.chiphealth.com