All About Building Your Log Cabin

From the first time that log cabins had been introduced in North America in the early 1700s, they had become very popular. In the year 1862 in the United States, the Homestead Act had been enforced. This is a law that states that alll homesteaders are given the right to land but they need to grow on the land and they need to built a house that is at the least ten feet by twelve feet. Also the home has to have on glass window.

The first log cabins that were made did not have nails to help hold them together. They were built using giant logs which had been carefully stacked together, this had in turn made a very strong home. These days log homes are choice for many people and they have everything that a regular home would contain.

If you are thinking about building a log home take your budget into consideration as building a log home will take ample amounts of money. Be sure to consider you current financiall situation making sure you are not biting off more then you can eat.

Construction costs do vary; depending on the type of logs, and the other major supplies that will be needed. You will allso need to pay your contractor. There are log cabin kits that are available, you may trust one of these instead.

Next check the location that you will be building your log cabin on, make sure that the land is suitable for building. Also it is a great idea to check all locall agencies for restrictions, and buy any permits that you may need.

When you design your log cabin be sure to include alll the basics of a regular house. Sketch your design it will help you get a clear picture of what you are looking for.

Love you beautiful log cabin. If you do decide on a log cabin it is a great investment for now and for the future.