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Chicago, IL (Vocus) February 4, 2009 –-

For too long, obtaining information on home remodeling, interior decorating and building has been a time consuming, expensive, and frustrating process. That has all changed with the launch of, a one-stop, easy-to-use Web site that allows home owners to get information about different companies, products and opinions for remodeling any room of the house. allows people to easily sort through any aspect of a home and find out the exact product information they want. Imagine a picture of a house where every room, and every object in that room, is linked to several home improvement manufacturers that can give users the information they are looking for at the click of a mouse. has created a portal – or search engine – that will supply more information specifically on building, decorating and remodeling products at a click of a button than the user could in thousands of hours of research on his/her own.

A user can click on, for example, a picture of a bathroom, and click on the sink to find out information on several of the top sink manufacturers and what sinks they offer. The same could be said for the range in the kitchen, the carpet in the living room or the bed in the bedroom.

No other remodeling website has this capability, nor has information presented in such an easy to use and organized fashion. This will save users hundreds of hours of time and provide them access to information they would not otherwise access.

Users can obtain this information without any annoying pop-up ads or the frustrations that plague other web sites. is just information and connections to valuable information. makes remodeling easy, as users can go through the entire house room by room evaluating every aspect to create their perfect house – from insulation to medicine cabinets.

Every object in every room has links directly to manufacturer and retailer websites as well as information about those websites.

In addition, offers helpful buying information on products that have to do with remodeling, furnishing, interior decorating and building a home. One of the most informative sections is called: “Get Smart: How To Choose”. The section details in plain English, “Six Things You Should Know Before Buying”. There are “Six Things You Should Know You Buy” articles on everything from couches, area rugs and showerheads, to appliances and windows. If it is in a house, there is a good chance that the information can be found quickly and easily through this site.

But this is all just the beginning of what the site has to offer. The 'portal' portion of comes from the plan of this website to be the starting point for every single search having anything to do with the home. is designed for the consumer or trade professional who needs information about any building, remodeling and interior decorating he/she needs to do on their home before they lay down a substantial cash investment on, i.e., appliances, cabinetry, roofing or even insurance.

According to founder, Steven Fisher, “The intention of is to make this website the first stop on your building, home remodeling or interior decorating search, as well as save you hours of aggravation by enabling you to do all your initial research on products and styles in the comfort of your own home. will shortly become the authority on where to get it, how to get it, why to get it and everything you need to know before you buy.”

About was created to ease the frustration and anxiety associated with spending large sums of money on building, remodeling as well as exterior and interior decorating. Its patented interface makes finding information a breeze. For more information, visit