Allergy Free – Home Decorating Tips

With people suffering from allergies all over, sometimes its tough to get was to have your home allergy free. However there are some ways that you can cut down on those allergens now. This includes using some different materials to decorate. That doesn’t mean you will have decor that looks all sanitary and boring either. Follow these tips and your home will be allergy free.

1. Get rid of wall to wall carpet because this will hold the dust and dander inside the fibers and make it difficult to vacuum up. If someone is suffering from allergies in your home you may want to consider replacing your carpet for hard wood floor. This allows you to sweep or dust with a damp mop to rid the dirt that you can see.

2. Another thing to try is a ceiling fan. Get one for each room of your house. Plus ceiling fans also come with lights so it will add some more light to a room. With the ceiling fan circulating air it will help out the person who suffers from those allergies. It’s a very easy process to install and should not take you long at all. Also with this addition you will notice a savings in not only the heating bills, but also cooling bills.

3. Add a humidifier and air purifier to your home. Today you can get decorative humidifiers to put in your home. This rids your home of allergens and allows you or your family to breath easier. You don’t want to decorate around your humidifier you can still add some decorative designs to improve the look of yours.

4. Area rugs can be used for warming the floor. This can cut down on your heating bills every month and you get rid of the wall to wall carpeting that can trap the allergens inside. An area rug can be made of any type of material and can you can purchase them in many different colors, shapes, and sizes.

5. Use Blinds Instead of Curtains- Blinds are a better choice when it come to an allergen free home than curtains or draperies. They are easy to wipe down and will not harbor any allergens. You can find many lovely styles of blinds for your home – both vertical and horizontal – that will cover your windows as well as make your home look attractive, all the while being allergen free. Just because you or a family member has allergies is no reason not to have style and decor in your home. By using allergen free products such as blinds, wood flooring and tiles, using area rugs instead of wall to wall carpeting and also having an air purifier and humidifier in the home, you can have an allergen free home that is very much in vogue!