An In Depth Look At The Jual Furnishings Jf209 Cantilever Tv Stand

It’s worth taking an in-depth look at the Jual Furnishings JF209 cantilever TV stand, especially if you are thinking of buying other matching occasional furniture (coffee tables, side tables and so on. This is an unusual piece of furniture which is both functional and attractive.

Let’s start our in-depth look at the Jual Furnishings JF209 cantilever TV stand by mentioning that it comes in both walnut and oak real wood veneer and piano black toughened safety glass, manufactured to BS6206A standards. Thus it marries the traditional and contemporary, and it looks as though it is a sturdy, yet stylish piece of furniture. The back of this cantilever TV stand is curved, so it would have to stand away from a wall. However, it is this design which makes is unusual.

It has a state-of-the-art hovering effect bracket and a cable management unit so that there are no unsightly cables and wires on display. This means that this JF209 cantilever TV stand enhances your home with its practicality and smooth lines. It has a fairly spacious shelf which will house your electronic equipment and it comes with a fixing bracket for flat screen TVs. The Jual Furnishing ranges are designed with attention to detail. It is suitable for TVs from between forty and fifty inches, so you would have to check the measurements of your TV before buying this Jual Furnishings JF209 cantilever TV stand.

The Jual Furnishings JF209 cantilever TV stand is an ideal piece of furniture which you could place either in a bedroom or in a living room; it would not look out of place in either. If you want to make a feature of your flat screen TV and it is within the size range mentioned above, this is the cantilever TV stand for you.

You do have to assemble the Jual Furnishings JF209 cantilever TV stand yourself, but the instructions are clear and easy to follow. There’s no need to be a DIY buff to do it!

One other point to add is that Jual Furnishings is a British company, so if you buy a piece of furniture in the Jual Furnishings range, you are not only buying a stylish piece of contemporary furniture, but you are also helping the UK’s economy by keeping people in their jobs. So, with that in mind, why not take another in-depth look at the Jual Furnishings JF209 cantilever TV stand and see if this is the TV stand you are looking for?