Any advice for first time home SELLER?

We are in our first home and considering moving. What kind of obstacles am I going to run across during this process? Any tips of selling it quicker?

Price it appropriately for the market. Homes priced too high usually wind up selling for less than they would have if they were priced more reasonably to begin with.

Clean that house. Then clean it again. Get rid of clutter. (If you can't bear to part with your clutter, box it up and put it in storage.) Clear the junk out of closets and drawers; organize them so you can see the floor and at least some of every shelf surface in cabinets and closets. This makes them look bigger. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, or if there is obvious wear, replace them. Make sure the bathrooms are especially clean – no rust stains, hard water marks, grunge, or mildew anywhere. If something needs paint, paint it. If something obviously needs fixing, fix it. Then keep it that way as long as the house is showing. You want the house to look as though someone can move right in.