Any DIY crafting tips?

I want to make one of those fabric covered hanging cylinder thingers to hang my headbands on instead of throwing them all in a huge pile (esp. since most of them cost me a pretty penny). I realize covering foam with fabric and attaching a ribbon won't take much work, since I could probably just use pins or hot glue but what should I do to avoid it from looking super tacky??

Has anybody ever made one or does anyone that is a guru in crafts have any helpful tips for me? ANY would be appreciated!

Here are two great ways to make headband holders like i assume you are looking for.

This first link shows you how to make a really simple and cheap one out of a recycled oatmeal container and either fabric or wrapping paper. This is probably more what your looking for.

The second one also looks pretty good but it looks a little more complicated and lesser quality. Its made out of Fabric and a roll of paper towels

I hope you found these links helpful and good luck on your project!