Are wedding favors really required?

My matron of honor's wedding (2 days ago) did not have favors for the guests.

My wedding, which will be far smaller (23 people) is really on a severely tightened budget, even with my grandmother paying for half (God Bless her!)

So, with this tight budget, am I still required to give my guests wedding favors? And if so, can you recommend something C-H-E-A-P without me seeming to be cheap?

no, favors are NOT required.

like, the thing of it is, unless its a gold plated ipod, its quite likely that it will either get left behind or abandoned on someones counter the second they get home.

example: a friend of mine got married. we spent AGES tying hershey kisses in those little tulle circles (ribbon kept fraying, ugh). i would estimate that about 75% of the little baggies got left behind, and we put at least six hershey kisses in each of them so its not like we were stingy about it. another wedding. the favors were lollipops. i took mine home because i like lollipops. got home, set them down, then passed out because it was late and i was tired. that wedding was a year ago. found the lollipops the other day. they had fallen behind a book case that doesnt get moved often because of how heavy it is. ANOTHER wedding. the favor was mini bottles of wine. most of the guests dont drink. a lot of people took them home just to be polite. my parents bottle is still sitting in the back of their fridge. other reletives who were at the wedding have them sitting on counters. there is one bottle that gets passed around as a gag gift.

my point is, while favors are indeed a lovely jesture, people are usually so caught up in the wedding events themselves that by the end of the night, the favor gets forgotten somewhere, and if it does make it home it usually ends up sitting somewhere covered in dust.

if you MUST have favors, your best bet is going to be something edible. skip anything customized or of a particular theme, because honestly, who really has use for a tiny picture frame covered in seashells with another couples wedding date on it?