bathroom remodeling?

when I built my house I thought I would save some money by leaving out the tub in one of our bathrooms and just make it a powder room. It has a toilet and a sink. I am on a concrete slap. my house is not raised up. The room is big enough to add a tub and I would like to do that now BUT…. the toilet is wear the tub would need to fit and then I would have to move the toilet to a differnt place beside the tub. How hard is this to do?

Basically it would involve cutting out a strip of slab to plumb in the new toilet location and plumb in the tub drain. A skilled plumber could “do” the actual work within a day, but it would take longer because the work would require a permit from your City's building inspection department and they would need to inspect the work before concrete could be poured to fill in the slab.

Replacing/patching the floor might be the most involved step, depending on what type of floor surface you currently have. If you have tile in the bath already, it might be a pain to try to preserve the existing tile or match it with new patch pieces. Removing the entire tile floor and then re-tiling might produce a better end result. If it's currently just bare concrete then you don't even have to worry about “patching” the floor. The new concrete will look different than the old concrete, but shouldn't cause any issues with your final floor finishing.

I'm in the process of remodeling my lower level which has a slab floor. I had to remove all of the existing tile and cut a hole in the slab around the existing shower drain to fit the tub drain (a 7 1/4″ diamond masonry blade went through the concrete without issue). However, I was able to reuse the existing shower drain for the tub drain.

It's quite possible a plumber will just run a new toilet drain back to the stack and reuse most of the existing toilet drain for the tub.

Of course there's no reason you couldn't do the work yourself if you are so inclined. All it takes is a bit of research and a permit or two from your city.

Good luck!