Beautiful Paintings – To Liven Your Place

If you want to add new fresh look to the interior of your house or are looking for an ideal gift for this festive occasion, try Jharokha paintings, 3D monuments and abstract paintings. Mere presence of these brings a unique look to your rooms. The people, who have interest in art, admire you not only for selecting a good painting but respect your artistic sense too. The impression makes you different from others in the community.

The craze for Jharokha paintings is still as much as it used to be decades old. Now, these are being used equally in official and commercial space decoration. Handmade Jharokha paintings with Raja Rani, Ganesh, deers drinking water, rural scenario are more popular. Jharokha Designer paintings are available in leading stores. These are further beautified by using gems, sparkling glass pcs and gold-plated small pcs. These are available in various sizes, while the shape in most cases remains rectangular like that of a window. Few stores deal in customized Jharokha paintings also.

Hand crafted monuments are made with acrylic colors. These are available in wide range of shapes, colors and sizes. Depth & 3D effect is generated with mix media technique. Real wood, carious hardeners and textured clothes give these monuments unique and beautiful look. 21 X 21 Inches, 34 X 34 Inches, 19 X 21 Inches and 30 X 30 Inches are the most asked sizes. 3D monuments made of wire, clay or metal are also in good demand.

Abstract paintings are the examples of contemporary wall art. These have enduring appeal because these tend to be clean and simple yet modern looking. The combination of vibrant and contrasting colors in abstract paintings brings unique feel of having something different belonging to the next century. These paintings made with oil / water and mixed medium can be customized as per buyers’ requirements. Abstract art uses visual language of line, form and color to convey a message. Abstract paintings of fast colors are liked more. The paintings with simple and clean lines are in continuous high demand. The presence of these paintings in your drawing-room makes the social image of non- traditional. Buyers of these paintings emphasize more upon the size. The metal of frame is another deciding factor, it is chosen according to materialistic nature of other decorative articles.

Therefore, the options for house decoration are many; buyers need to decide the style they want to add to their house decor.