Bedroom Design

Bedroom design

Everybody wants to go to bed and feel relaxed and ready to sleep after a long day. So you probably don’t want bright, loud colours that startle you every time you enter the bedroom, unless this reflects your personality and you’re happy, but most people will want more supple colours. So before you rush out and buy the paint, wallpaper, furniture or furnishings you need, have a look at the 5 things you should consider.

Do you have a colour scheme

If you have a favorite colour you may want to incorporate the shades of that colour into your bedroom. This can be any colour as long as the colours don’t clash with each other. There are many shades to all colours so you should explore each shade with the other shades of your chosen colours. It should be noted that if the room you are designing is small, you would do well with bright colours so that the room seems larger, if the room is quite large then dark colours will fill areas well, always try to compliment dark areas with matching furnishings somewhere else in the room.

Do you have a style

If you have a personal taste you can express this in your bedroom quite easily. You may like an all pink bedroom or maybe an old fashioned look by using antique furniture, Pine design, or Scandinavian look is popular at the moment. A modern look is easily achievable with clean, crisp whites.

Does it need to be functional

When buying the items for your design for your bedroom, you need to consider whether the items need to be functional. A headboard for a bed needs to be able to be fastened to your existing bed. So what you buy needs to be able to be used and not just bought because the colours matched your other bedroom items or was a good match with your wallpaper.

Is cost an issue

Re designing a bedroom can cost a small fortune if you were to replace bedroom furniture, wallpaper and furnishings, not to mention flooring and carpets. So careful consideration should be given to this area of the design. Set your budget and work out how much you have to spend on each area of design. You could split your budget into furnishings, furniture and decoration.

Is it you?

Remember that whatever design you go for you will see almost every night. So it has to be right. If you are a fluffy kind of person then add fluffy furnishings first and then work on decoration and furniture later. If a particular colour annoys you then don’t use that colour because its not you.