Benefits of Working from Home

Financial Benefits

One of the many working from home benefits that may be the most convincing is that it can save you money. You will save money on gasoline, automotive maintenance and perhaps even auto insurance. No longer will you have to own a well-stocked business wardrobe that is not only expensive to purchase and augment but also maintain. Consider how much you currently spend on dry cleaning each month.

There are many other ways in which working from home benefits your budget. You can drink coffee and eat lunch straight from your kitchen. If you spend upwards of ten dollars a day on drive-thru coffee and fast food lunches, the amount you can save will add up quickly.

In addition to the upfront savings you will realize, you can also save annually on your income taxes. Home office expenses are usually tax deductible.

If you work for an employer, your working from home benefits him financially as well. People who work from home are typically less stressed and anxious. They also avoid the bugs that are so quickly passed around the common workplace. This means that not only will you need less medical care, but you will also require fewer sick days.

Your boss will not need to pay for a workstation, utilities or other supplies for you, either, unless this is part of your work agreement.

Flexibility Benefits