Best Automation Solutions For Home And Office

One of the rapidly growing Automation Companies in dubai, TSi is a part of a group that has dealings in Construction, does trading in materials for constructions and also provides personalized solutions in Home Automation dubai. The aim of this company is to inrtoduce bio friendly solutions to the people of middle east and reduce the amount of carbon footprint.

TSI was set up in the year 1995 and since then it has been growing at a rapid pace and have become one of the top most choices for office and Home Automation dubai . Over the years this compnay has also earned an ample amount to experience along with technical know how and expertise.

Hence today the services delivered by them are superior and extremely reliable. Since they have been actively involved in different kinds of infrastuctural and civil developments , their techniques have also increased to a great extent. This in turn has helped them in meeting the needs of the different kinds of clients much more effectively.

This company aim’s at being their customer’s first choice hence they provide a wide range of services for both home and office of the clients. With this compnay’s assistance you can easily keep an eye on your business with dependable recording and remote connectivity. TSI’s surveillance system is so compact and advanced that you can just user your smartphone or tablet to view and control. You can get live video feed within just a few seconds from any corner of the world.

TSI’s range of security solutions include RestoPad POS, IT services, home office security, vehicle gps tracking system , security cameras , access control systems etc. You can get the best prices on ,cctv camera price in dubai here.

This company’s wide range of IT infrastructure services include installation and sale of servers, maintenance of networks and upgrading, database administraion, tvirus protection and total system security, trouble shooting, fine tuning and performance monitoring, patch installations, upgrading systems etc. After the project implementation is done network management services is carried out as the client’s needs may be. Administration, Maintenance, Provisioning etc is a part of the network and services of TSI network services.

Their Access control system includes home gate access control which is a basic system for residential access via a radio control. The customer’s budget constraints are kept in mind when designing a access control system. Their expert sales staff will provide you all the guidance and assistance that you need.