Best Bang for Your Buck: Kitchens

Remodeling a kitchen can become an overwhelming budget crisis quickly. By planning out individual budgets for particular projects within a kitchen remodeling job, you can help save money more efficiently. Focusing on particular areas of kitchen remodeling can also speed up the job, especially when you are doing all of the work yourself.

Flooring is a particular item on a kitchen remodeling project that can quickly skyrocket out of your budget. Many kitchens have tile floors as the eye popping feature. Exploring other cheaper, and in some cases more eco-friendly flooring options available, can help to keep the budget monster under control. Cork tiles are a great alternative to the norm. With easy installation, durability and a chic look, cork flooring is quickly becoming a hot product in kitchen remodels.

Professional Tip: Cork flooring is not only cheap; it’s soft enough to take blows from heavy pans without damage unlike many other conventional flooring choices. It’s also soft enough to prevent many types of glass from breaking if dropped. Try that with a tile floor.

Appliances are another item in kitchen remodeling jobs that usually blow the budget. Cutting corners on other budgets can sometimes help to get that extra cash flow that you need for expensive appliances. But don’t get carried away. Taking money from Peter to pay Paul can easily destroy plans in any kitchen remodeling project.

Professional Tip: Installing energy efficient Energy Star appliances can save some serious bucks in the future. Not only does it save money on electricity, but many rebates and grants exist that can help you get those dollars for your top of the line appliances.

Plumbing certainly isn’t cheap. A plumber can range anywhere from $75 and hour to over $300 depending on the job, and you still have to pay a fee just to have them come out to look at the job. Always be wary of unlicensed plumbers and ask for references. At that price, it’s well worth doing some background checks about your plumber before you hire them fro the job.

Professional Tip: If you have had experience as a plumber, by all means, feel free to do the work yourself. However, if you have never touched a pipe wrench, then it is definitely best left up to those who are professionals and have experience, a license and insurance. Don’t forget a professional plumber might have to pull permits, so don’t forget to factor that into any kitchen remodeling budget.