Best Places to Throw a Children's Birthday Party in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Area

Is your little one’s birthday coming up? Searching for the perfect place to host a party? Too busy to plan one at home? If you’re from the Milwaukee area, and looking for kid’s birthday party locations, here are some excellent places to consider.

1. Betty Brinn Children’s Museum
929 East Wisconsin Ave
(414) 390 -5437
Price: High to Very High

If you want to throw a fun party with an educational twist, the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum may be the spot for you. Guests will enjoy playing in entertaining exhibits such as “My Body Works”, where children can pretend they are a red blood cell. There are several birthday packages to choose from. The “My Big Day” Party Package runs $125 for members and $150 for non-members. It includes museum admission for up to 15 guests, 1 hour in the private party room, and a t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl. The “Curious George” party costs $250 for members or $275 for non-members and provides admission for 20 guests, plus an ice-cream cake, Curious George puppets for the kids to play with, a pinata, and more. The “My Birthday Wish” party costs $200 for members and $225 for non-members . It includes tableware, cake, ice cream, puppets, drinks, and admission for 20 guests. You can also purchase extras such as goody bags, an art activity and more. A part at Milwaukee’s Betty Brinn Children’s Museum will be enjoyable for everyone!

2. Snip-Its
2465 N 124th (Brookfield)
(262) 786-CUTS
Price: Very High

A party at Milwaukee’s Snip-Its would definitely be a unique and exciting children’s birthday party. If your little girl and her friends want to feel pampered, then this is the place to choose. They offer 3 party packages. The “glamour party” is priced at $200 for 8 girls. (Each additional guest is $20/each.) Each girl will have their hair styled, make-up done, manicures, and enjoy a small craft. The package also includes cake, juice, and tableware. The “Hollywood Party” is the same price and offers the same activities with a Hollywood theme. The “Style-a-Doll” package, which is very popular in the Milwaukee area, is $220/8 girls. (Each additional child is $22.25 each.) Each girl will receive a doll that she will learn to style and personalize – kind of a quick beauty school lesson. A birthday party at Snip-Its will create lots of fun memories.

3. Chuck E. Cheese
2701 Chase Ave
(414) 483 -8655
Price: High

Pizza Parties at Chuck E. Cheese are always in style in Milwaukee. Children will be amused by playing fun games such as “ski ball”, watching a show starring Church E. Cheese, and much more. They offer two packages. The “birthday star package” runs $10.99 per child and includes a reserved & decorated table for 1 1/2 hours, 20 game tokens for each guest, 2 slices of pizza per child, 100 tickets for the birthday child and more. The “Super Star Upgrade” package is $15.99 per child and includes the same plus goody bags, souvenir cups, extra tokens for the guests and more. This Milwaukee birthday party will be sure to create lasting memories.

4. Petit National Ice Center
500 S. 84th Street
(414) 266-0100
Price: Medium to High

If you want a party that’s not typical and will be entertaining then a celebration at Petit National Ice Center may be your choice. Guests will love ice skating (well most guests will) and it’s great exercise. There are three different party packages – the “Gold” package runs $12/person and includes skating admission and rental, food (pizza, hot dogs or nachos), chips or cookie, drinks (soda, hot chocolate or slushie), and use of the party area. The “Silver” package is $10/person and includes the same except chips/cookie and pizza is not offered. The “Bronze” package, which costs $8/person includes skating admission and rental, popcorn, soda, and use of the party zone. An ice skating party would be a fun event for everyone!

5. Discovery World
500 N. Harbor Drive
(414) 765-9966
Price: Very High

A birthday gathering at Discovery World in Milwaukee would be a fun, but learning experience for the guests. Children will enjoy seeing exciting exhibits such as the aquariums, life-size ship replica, and automation “dream machine”. Their party package runs $225/members and $250/non-members. It will cover 15 guests (each additional guest is $8/each.) The package includes a 2 hour party, cake, tableware, one hands-on activity, table decorations, gift for the birthday child, and of course, admission to the exhibits. You can even add fun extras such as liquid nitrogen ice cream! Discover World would be a thrilling party for sure.

6. Incredi-Roll Skate and Family Fun Center
10928 W. Oklahoma Ave.
(414) 545-8445
Price: High

A roller skating party is a top-notch choice for a Milwaukee children’s birthday party. It is entertaining for all guests, and parents will love that you wore out your children for the rest of the day – hopefully! There are 4 packages to choose from. The “economy package” is $99.95 for 10 guests ($7.95 for each additional one) and includes admission and skate rental, invitations, table ware, popcorn, sodas, 50 tokens a guest and a gift for the birthday child (glowstick). The “feast package” is $124.95 for 10 guests (10.95 for additional children) and provides the same plus 2 slices of pizza for each child and 100 tokens per child. The “Bounce ‘n Roll” package is $149.95 for 10 guests ($12.95 for additional ones) and includes playtime in the bounce house plus 150 tokens per guest. The “Lazer Roll” package is $174.95 for 10 kids ($14.95 for additional ones) and offers lazer tag and each child is provided with 200 tokens. A party at Incredi-Roll in Milwaukee would be the ultimate experience for all!

7. Uihlein Soccer Park (Milwaukee Kickers)
7101 W. Good Hope Road
(414) 358 – 2678
Price: High

If your little one is a soccer fan, a Milwaukee Kickers party would be a fantastic choice. Their party package is $195 for 16 children. It includes playing soccer for one hour in an indoor field with a trained coach, use of the party room for 1 hour, food, cake (or sundae), and a party assistant. You can add on a pinata if you’d like. It would be great exercise and promote teamwork. A soccer party would be a memorable one for your little boy or girl!

8. Meghan’s Enchanted Forest Tea Room
17700 W. Capital Drive (Brookfield)
(262) 790-9292
Price: Very High

If you have a little girl that wants to be treated like a princess, the perhaps Meghan’s Enchanted Forest Tea Room is the spot for you. It’s a 20 minute drive from Milwaukee. The package runs $350 for 8 girls and includes a 2 hour party where guests will have their hair styled with glitter and flowers, make-up done, manicures, fashion show, meal (sandwiches, veggies, pizza, hot dog bites, dessert) and party favors. This party will definitely be unforgettable for your special little girl and her friends.

9. YMCA of Milwaukee
Several Locations to Choose from – See Web-Site
(414) 224-9622
Price: Medium to High

You can never go wrong with a birthday party at the YMCA in Milwaukee. There are several locations to select from, see the web-site for more details. Children will enjoy fun activities such as swimming, basketball, arts/crafts, rock climbing and games. They offer two packages. The “Basic Pool Package” is for swimming parties and includes use of the private party area for 2 1/2 hours, pool rental for 1 hour, staff help, and a t-shirt and guest pass for the birthday boy or girl. It runs $125/members and $160/non-members. The “Deluxe Package” includes the same (except organized games instead of swimming), plus cake, ice-cream, drinks and tableware. It is $175 for members and $210 for non-members. A party at the YMCA is a great choice!

10. Build-A-Bear Workshop
2500 N. Mayfair Road (Wauwatosa – Mayfair Mall)
(414) 453 – 2327
Price: Medium to High

This party is perfect for younger children who would like to create their own furry friend. It’s something different, and guests will enjoy having a stuffed animal to keep as a memento. The parties begin at $10 per guest (depending on the type of stuffed animal you choose) and can run as high as $35 per guest if you want to include bear accessories and more. The parties include party favors, a photo and staff help. Unfortunately, food is not allowed, but you can always meet somewhere else in the mall before or after the party. A Build-A-Bear party would be enjoyable for everyone.

11. WildCard Gymnastics
2028 N. 60th Street
(414) 801- 0546
Price: High

Their web-site promotes “Hit the jackpot with a birthday party at Wildcard Gymnastics! You’ll Win Every time!” A party at Wildcard Gymnastics in Milwaukee would be entertaining for everyone. They offer 4 packages, all for up to 10 guests. The “Royal Package” costs $200. It includes 1 hour of gym time, 1 hour in the party room with cake, ice cream, juice, utensils and decorations. The “Full House Package” is $185 and provides 90 minutes of gym time – you can provide the food, etc. The “Two of a Kind” Package offers one hour of gym time and one hour in the party room. It is $150 and you can provide cake, etc. The “Wildcard” Package is for 1 hour of gym time only – this is great if its combined with a home or restaurant party. If your little one loves gymnastics, this party is sure to be a big hit!

12. Grand Slam USA
4905 S. Howell Rd.
(414) 483 – 8400
Price: High

If your child and his/her friends love sports, the this is the place to go. Grand Slam USA offers two packages. Both are $12 per guest with pizza or $11 per guest with hot dog and chips. The “Grand Slam” package includes 1 hour of sport court use to play basketball or dodgeball, and use of the spaceball trampoline. The “Home Run” package includes 1 hour in the sports zone (can play spaceball or jump on the moonwalk). Both packages include goody bags, soda, and a t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl. You can also add lazer tag for $40. This interactive Milwaukee children’s birthday party would be a fine choice.

13. La Terranza
11520 W. Bluemont Rd (Wauwatosa)
(414) 443- 1800
Price: High to Very High

If you’ve got a little artist on your hands, or just a child that loves to be creative, then a kid’s birthday party at La Terranza may be what your looking for. Just a quick 15 minute drive from Milwaukee, this spot is sure to provide a memorable and fun birthday. It is a paint-your-own pottery studio where you can decorate a variety of objects – plates, mugs, bowls, ornaments, figurines, etc. The party package, for 6 children or more, includes the cost of the pottery piece (you can choose one – say a 10$ piece) plus $4.00 for each guest. (The average is about $15 per guest.) The group will have use of the private party room, plus a wide assortment of paint, individual instruction, and more. This would be a unique and creative party for sure!

14. A Touch of Glaze
721 Meadowbrook Rd (Waukesha)
(262) 524-0231
Cost: Medium to High

A Touch of Glaze is another fantastic choice for an artistic party. It is also a pottery painting studio, located just 18 miles down the road in Waukesha. Their party room can fit up to 25 people. It is a little cheaper than La Terranza, in that you are only charged for the cost of the projects (plus tax). There are no studio or painter fees. You can select an object (say a plate or mug) that all guests can paint. This makes a great party activity when combined with a home party (like a sleepover) or if you choose to go out to a restaurant afterwards. A party at Touch of Glaze would be a very creative celebration!

15. Playground / Park Party

Various Locations
(414) 257 – PARK
Cost: Low

A playground or park party is always in style! If you want a children’s birthday party that won’t empty your wallet, this is the choice for you. Your taxes help support the local parks -take advantage of them. Just visit the parks and recreation web-site (see above), and you will see that Milwaukee has numerous play areas and parks to choose from. So, just get some cake/ice cream, perhaps a pinata and a few games, and it’ll be a big hit! Obviously, this is better in warmer weather. A playground party will be a great event for everyone.

If none of these appeal to you, or if your budget is a little tight, a home birthday party would still be an excellent choice. Just make a cake, put up a few decorations, and you’re all set. Happy Partying!