Best Power or Cordless Tool Brands

Power tools are great investments for construction companies, individual contractors and even homeowners who are fond of doing their own home improvement project. Getting the value for money is always a concern for buyers of these tools. Aside from looking at the cost, the other considerations include ease of use, special features, availability of cordless options and the reliability of the manufacturer. Here are some of the best brands of power tools:


Bosch has been a supplier of industrial and building technology for over a hundred years. Bosch has a Power Tools Division that launches over 100 new models every year. Over the past decades, the company has been keen on designing and manufacturing tools with precision, low noise and vibration, dust entrapment for easy cleanup, simple accessory change and the competitive ratio of tool weight to its power. Some of their top products include drill bits, saw blades, rotary and oscillating tools and power tools.

One of Bosch’s most recent products that customers are raving about is the Bosch PS40-2A 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Impact Driver. It has been dubbed as one of the “must-have” power tools because of its minimal weight of 2lbs and max torque of 800in. lbs.


From its humble beginnings in 1924, DeWalt now manufacture over 200 kinds of power tools and 800 accessories. The company’s long history of being a reliable provider of tools for woodworking, construction and industrial settings has made it a trusted brand all over the world. DeWalt boasts of constructing parts of tools more scientifically, which gives them an edge in the competitive market.

One of the best products ever released by DeWalt according to their consumers is DW364 Circular saw because of its features like a good handle, aluminum alloy base, electric break and great ability to make bevel cuts up to 50 degrees.


Hitachi may have been founded in 1910 but is has never stopped supplying 4000 retail locations of power tools and fitting accessories. Aside from retail stores, Hitachi is also connected with about a thousand service centers, ensuring their clients of support and safety. Among their best products are cordless variants of drills, drivers, routers, nailers and air compressors.

The Hitachi C10FCh2 is a miter saw that clients are raving about the world over. It has a laser marking system that is exclusive to Hitachi and it is the lightest of all miter saws, weighing only 26.5lbs.


In 1905, Makita was founded as a company that sells and repairs electric motors. Right now, Makita is one of the largest global manufacturers of high quality power tools and accessories for the construction industry. The research and development of Makita Corporation have been focusing on designing and manufacturing more compact tools that have the same great performance.

One of their bestsellers is Makita BDF452HW. It is a cordless drill that is all metal, a torque of 450 in. lbs. but weighs just 3.5 pounds.


Milwaukee has been around for about 85 years. With locations in Canada, Mexico and Brazil, Milwaukee has been manifacturing hand tools, power tools, instruments and accessories that are of high quality and durability. They have corded, cordless, kits and power tools that are available in many retail and home improvement stores. Milwaukee 6509-22 11 Amp Sawzall reciprocating saw is one of the company’s top products because it is easy to use and produces great results too.

They are called investments because unlike un-motorized tools, power tools can cause a dent in the budget. With these top brands, value for money will hardly be an issue.