Bob and Dolores Hope's 1940 Toluca Lake, California Home Up for Sale

I had the honor of interviewing Jade Mills, Coldwell Banker, re: the selling of Bob and Dolores Hope’s Toluca Lake, California home-bought in 1940. Here is information regarding the sale of the house, their love for golf, and entertaining.

1) Jade, Bob and Dolores Hope took up residence in their Toluca Lake home in 1940. What drew them to Toluca Lake? How did the Toluca Lake area differ in 1940 compared to today?

In the late 1930’s the entire area was primarily farming and orchards. Mr. Hope was either very intuitive and business savvy or lucky, because today Toluca Lake represents some of the most affluent and prosperous real estate in California.

2) Jade, why now? Why are there plans to sell the Toluca Lake house now?

Mrs. Hope passed away in 2011 at the age of 102. It took the family two years to catalogue all of the belongings gathered over a century of collecting during her remarkable life. After items designated for the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, the Golf Hall of Fame, it was simply time to deal with the property.

3) What charities will be benefiting from the sale of the house?

All proceeds of the sale will go to The Bob & Dolores Hope Charitable Foundation. The primary mission is to give to charities that provide basic human services to the poor – food, shelter, and clothing.

4) What is unique about this particular house that no one knows?

Where to start? The home has a putting green as well as indoor and outdoor pools, not to mention nine bathrooms in the main house. In addition there is a two bedroom, two bath guesthouse and both business and security offices as well as household servant quarters. However, what many people may not be aware of is the history of the house.

5) How often did Bob and Dolores Hope entertain? Did they ever want a quiet evening at home, or did they love being around people?

Both Bob and Dolores enjoyed their time with friends and family. So, they liked to entertain whenever Bob wasn’t on the road or working … which was quite a bit. But they spent many, many times in the home also just spending quality time with the family and children.

6) What is the size of the lot? What is the square footage?

This exceptional Compound consists of 4 parcels totaling approximately 5.16 acres including an approximately 14,876 sq.ft. main house, guesthouse, staff quarters, staff offices, indoor pool and spa, outdoor pool, patios, tremendous motorcourts, sprawling lawns, and expansive gardens.

The original English Traditional style main house was designed by architect Robert Finkelhor and then remodeled in the 1950’s by architect John Elgin Woolf who gave the home a more Contemporary style.

7) What history can you share with us about the house?

I suppose the most noteworthy aspect of the house’s history is the countless number of Hollywood elite, as well as Presidents and even royalty that have been guests in the house over the years. President Richard Nixon once landed his helicopter on the Hope’s back lawn so that the president could play a few golfing rounds at the nearby lakeside golf club.