Getting a Building Permit

Required: Building Permit, for any new construction, additions, alterations, or repairs with an estimated cost of labor and material greater than one thousand dollars or is structural. Note: replacement of windows and doors is considered structural and therefore, requires a permit.

Every building permit requires that you submit at least two (2) complete sets of construction plans. These can be hand drawn, but need to be as accurate as possible. The contractor or building owner must provide the design. The specific agent will then review for code compliance.

The plans are then “logged in” and checked, in order of
their submission, for zoning and building code compliance
in addition to any applicable requirements by other departments. When reviews are completed and plans have been approved the permit can be issued.

For contractors who are going to build several homes from the same basic plan, a “stock plan” option available. This involves having plans kept on record by Building and Zoning for referral each time the house is built. However, plans must be “active” (currently under construction) in order to keep them on file.


A. Footing Inspection: Required when separate concrete footings are being poured. The inspection should be made after the trenches have been dug and reinforcing steel is in place, and prior to pouring the concrete.

B. Slab Inspections: Required when a concrete slab or a monolithic slab/footing is to be poured. The inspection should be made after all form work, termite treatment, vapor barriers, reinforcing steel and applicable rough plumbing inspections have been completed, but prior to pouring the concrete slab.

C. Exterior Sheathing Inspections: To be made during or after the roof and wall sheathing is applied, and before covering with felt or siding.

D. Framing Inspection: To be made after all the construction is dried in and after all applicable rough electrical, plumbing, mechanical and gas inspections have been made. There should be no insulation installed prior to the framing inspection.

E. Insulation Inspection: To be made once the
required insulation is installed. Blown in attic insulation will be inspected during the final inspection.

F. Final Inspection: To be made after all work is complete. Electrical, plumbing, mechanical and gas inspections usually are made prior to the final building inspection.

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