Can I sell Frozen Produce From My Home Kitchen In California?

I have a very popular recipe that consists of a cooked/seasoned vegetable that I make for friends and family and would like to attempt to sell online or at a local market. I cook the seasoned veg, then vacuum seal it, and then freeze it. This does not fall into the category of “cottage foods” as it requires refrigeration. I have contacted the local CDPH and am waiting to hear back from them.

Probably not, on several counts.

1) Wouldn't meet health regulations. Food for resale has to be prepared in a commercial kitchen which meets Health Department standards. Most home kitchens would never pass inspection.

2) Not an allowed use in a residential neighborhood. Aside from the health department issue, there the whole zoning issue. You can not run a commercial enterprises out of a residential neighborhood that is zoned for houses only.