can you cover concrete in order to make a front yard?

My husband and I recently bought an old ugly house and we have been remodeling it. The house is built on the side of a steep hill. So the front yard is basically on big parking lot. The people even put in parking bumpers! The concrete is very deep. Up to 6 feet in some places. So removing part of it in order to have a yard is out of the question. So, what I am wondering is, can we built up on top of the concrete with dirt and make a yard? Will grass grow? Can I plant anything?

Congrats on buying an older home, and remodeling it!

You can plant on top, but I would be concerned with drainage issues, because your soil structure would always have concrete under it.

I would find out why the concrete is so deep! Soil that is contaminated tends to get a nice thick pour of concrete atop it. It shouldn't be too hard to find out from a local planning board, or from your Title if this is the case.