Can you leave home at age of 16 in Texas?

Can your parents make you go back home if you do?

I've been told differently.

The legal age is 18

But what can the police do about it?

I had a cousin that left her home at age of 16, put they said the police could not do anything about it.

So I'm still wondering cause I've heard different from many people.

only if you are emancipated and you can only start the process at age 16 no later or earlier, to be emancipated you have to prove to the court there is some reason why you can't stay home like abuse and prove you have a steady income that isn't minimum wage and be able to have your own place to live and not with other people in their home. if you just leave then you will become a runaway which a criminal offense for minors and when your parents call the police to report you gone you will be arrested and charged as a runaway when caught which is usually a mandatory 13 months in either juvenile detention center or placement facility, and if you are in anyone's home when the police catch up to you the owner of the property will be arrested for harboring a runaway which is a class b felony offense.

whoever told you police can do nothing when you just leave home without permission have no idea what they are talking about. if you aren't emancipated or your parents don't allow you to leave home and live with someone else and you just end up leaving it is a criminal offense.