Casual Beauty of Coastal Decor

Like trading in your high heels for flip flops, coastal decor will dress your home for a day of sailing, sea and sun. With a simple color palette, pale fabrics and sea shore decorations, coastal decor is incredibly easy to create. And inexpensive too, making coastal decor an ideal solution for old or chaotic rooms. Discover the simple principals behind the casual beauty of coastal decor.

Coastal Decor Furniture and Fabrics

Turning your old furniture into coastal decor furniture is as easy as buying slipcovers. Choose shades of blue or white, and try to weave stripes with solids. Add pillows in the same shades, or ones with coast decor motifs woven in the fabric, like anchors and ship wheels.

Coastal Decor Rugs and Sails

Choose wicker rugs to imitate the color of sand on a beach. Or for a more plush feel, choose a dark blue rug with patterns of waves or in a solid shade, to resemble the wide ocean. And add whimsy to your coastal decor with a triangle of white fabric hung over the ceiling, to mimic a sail spread above to shield you from the bright sun.

Coastal Decor Window Treatments

Hang gauzy white fabrics at the windows and use bamboo window treatments, or the cheaper alternative of 2 inch white aluminum blinds. For added privacy, use window films to coat your windowpanes as if with frosted glass, stained-glass or coastal decor motifs. (Discover the beauty of window films).

Coastal Decor Art

Collect seashells at the beach and gather them in small baskets for display in corners. Thread shells into necklaces and decorate a mirror with festoons of coastal decor. Add marine elements to your coastal decor art, such as old ship wheels, anchors and ropes. Or discover how to create sailing ship wall art and other maritime decor ideas.

Coastal Decor Storage Solutions

Keep clutter tucked away in decorative baskets. Hide movies, toys, books, magazines and more in a cluster of tall decorative baskets with lids. Wicker baskets especially are ideal for enhancing the beauty of coastal decor. Discover all the ways decorative baskets can make your home beautiful and clean.