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Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair: Physical Therapy ProtocolArthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair: Physical Therapy Protocol (Adapted from The Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic, Department of Physical Therapy; by C.E. Brewster, MS, PT; J.L. Seto, MA, PT, and A. Lum, MA, PT) This protocol is to serve as a general guideline. Furnishings Tips For Your Outdoor Living AreasHousing and Home […]

$60 Home Aquaponics System Grows Food on Your Desk

John from goes on a field trip to the Natural Products Trade Show to share with you the products that allow you to grow foo… home aquaponics

Different Types of Garden Houses

by Harriet Bond (San Francisco, CA, USA) There are several different types of structures that might appear within a garden setting, hopefully the following article will make clearer each of their individual role within the garden landscape: Greenhouses Deciding whether or not to include a greenhouse in your garden is a difficult problem. To decide, […]

Your Kitchen Island

A KITCHEN ISLAND PRIMER The kitchen island, which was not even considered in kitchen floor plans until recently, has now become the center of the kitchen … and our entire home!. If yours is like most families, you use the island for all sorts of things. Besides eating and meeting, its probably used for surfing the internet, […]

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For The Illusion of More Space The difference between small bathroom remodel ideas and larger bath projects is more than cost. Its a matter of focus. Think light colors, smaller fixtures, more illumination and a focal point. Small bathroom remodel ideas become big remodel successes with this in mind. Illumination from the overhead ceiling fixture and even a bathroom window sometimes […]

Free Landscape Design Ideas!

And easy to do backyard tips Looking for a few free landscape design ideas you can implement quickly and easily for maximum impact? Or, at least ideas that could save you lots of money in the long run? Of course you do! Easy things, like creating a focal point, adding a bit more color, low voltage or solar […]

The Green Boom: Why Eco-Friendly Business and Homes are Growing

More than a decade ago, it was uncommon to find businesses and homes that focused solely on green products, energy saving appliances and water savings systems. As a contractor, I’ve seen how the green industry has grown with both commercial and residential properties. The worldwide market for green building materials is projected to go from […]

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

AND OTHER EASY WAYS TO GIVE YOUR BATH A FACELIFT! Bathroom tile design ideas and other easy makeovers can provide a great way to give your bathroom a facelift without having to do an all out expensive remodel. Sensible moderate remodeling can do the trick … and in most cases, when you invest in a […]

DIY Construction Dictionary

A to Z . . . Words, Terms and Definitions for the DIY Homeowner This Construction Dictionary was complied from several text sources and books and is here to assist the DIY homeowner with words and meanings germane to remodeling and do it yourself projects. If you find discrepancies or typos, please contact us. A/C- An […]

Home Remodeling Additions

(Two of These Three May be Hiding inside Your Home Right Now!) Home remodeling additions are expensive, no matter how you do it. But, if you believe that adding a room or an area would increase the value of your home significantly, then its worth consideration. There are several ways to expand your living space. This […]