Install Electrical Outlet As A DIY Project!

On your “to do list” is install electrical outlet, replace wall switch or hang new ceiling fan listed? In some states you can’t even do those simple projects. Ask the person in the electrical department of a big box or local hardware store and click Electrical Permit. And, search “electrical permit your town” (ie. electrical permit detroit mi) using the Google Custom […]

The Refrigerator

  … HAS COME A LONG WAY The refrigerator concept is simple. Cold food stays fresher longer than warm food. The main unit normally stays around 32°-40° and your freezer around 0°, “hard freezing” foods and keeping them edible for months by nearly stopping the spoiling process. So, not only did the this appliance replace the icebox, but maybe […]

Solid Surface Countertop

As the name implies, solid surface countertops are, well, solid. The main advantage the material has over other kitchen products is that the color and pattern are solid throughout. If the counter gets scratched, you can sand and polish the damage away. You may know these products by a company name (Corian, Formica, etc.). Its nonporous, extremely […]

Office Feng Shui Tips

Office feng shui is the practice of incorporating or including feng shui practice or techniques into how you arrange or decorate your office.Whether your office is in your home or in a downtown location, these principles provide the same benefits and can help your feng shui office to achieve a higher level of success and peacefulness at the same time. They […]

Feng Shui Tips

For Health & Harmony   There is no try, There is only do or not do. Yoda Below are some feng shui tips that you can do for free, or next to free, to help you take that first step on your feng shui journey. These, if implemented, may even give you refreshed energy and confidence. In […]


A DIFFERENT KIND OF BUILDING MATERIAL A DIFFERENT KIND OF BOARD!  MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard and is created by breaking down soft woods into fibers and mixing the fibers with wax and resin. The panels are formed by pressing the mixture into panels with pressure and temperature. Its smooth surface texture and lack of internal […]

Hardscapes and Hardscape Landscaping

So, Exactly What Are Hardscapes? Hardscapes, or hardscaping, is the construction and placement of inanimate (non-living) elements of landscaping, like masonry work, metal works or woodworking elements within the overall landscaping. For example, stone walls, concrete or brick patios, tile paths, wood decks, wooden arbors, metal fencing or design elements that are not included in the the living, growing, changing features of […]

Simple Dog House Plans

A FEW TIPS AND IDEAS  With many simple dog house plans and kits today, it’s easy to build or assemble a home for your best friend that they will love!. All you need are the right tools, some plans for guidance (or a kit), and the materials to build your perfect dog house. You’ll have fun […]

Low Flow Plumbing … Shower Heads and Faucet Aerators

… Like Faucets and Shower Heads Low flow plumbing fixtures include toilets, low flow shower heads and faucet aerators. They’ve all been developed to save lots of water compared to conventional fixtures, while providing a similar feel to the water flow. Conventional faucet aerators don’t compensate for changes in inlet pressure, so the greater the water pressure, the more water you […]

Plumbing Schematic

How To Read A Pluming Schematic A plumbing schematic or diagram is basic and necessary, if you live in a state or jurisdiction where you are permitted to do your own plumbing. Many states allow homeowners to do various plumbing jobs, especially repairs, so knowing a few of the plumbing symbols is important. Sometimes called a plumbing “diagram”, […]