Basic Plumbing Tools for Homeowners!

Basic plumbing tools are “must haves” if you’re a homeowner, and a good idea if you’re renting. Generally, a small leak or other small plumbing problem can be fixed by just about anyone … and probably fixed with only the basic plumbing tools before your plumber even returns your call. Before making that call, sit back and […]

Your Confidence Level of Tools

The confidence level of tools required for any remodel project should always be high. Yet, many homeowners put off projects or scrap the remodel completely because of lack of confidence in tools they’ve never used. One of the reasons the home improvement stores became such successes is because there are millions and millions of people (including many professionals) in […]

Electrical Testing Tools

Shown below are four electrical testing tools that you should have in your electrical tool kit, toolbox or tool drawer. With these four, plus a screwdriver, you’ll be able to test and replace light fixtures, outlets, switches or most anything else electric. I should mention, they’re also inexpensive (a few dollars each) and easy to use. A […]

Kitchen Cabinet Door Fronts

A BASIC GUIDE FOR HOMEOWNERS There are thousands of different looks for your cabinet door available today. There are so many to choose from, its difficult to decide. So, to make the choice a little easier, this page will show the basics, things you’ll need to make informed decisions, and leave the details to you. You’ll impress […]

Outdoor Fireplace Kit

IS AN EASY ADDITION A quality outdoor fireplace kit can be a perfect choice if you want to add a gas or wood burning fireplace to your backyard kitchen. Adding a fireplace adds warmth and character and makes it possible to entertain even when the weather turns cool. In most cases, a wood or free standing gas fireplace kit is […]

Ranch Floor Plans

Simple, Straight Forward and Totally American  Ranch floor plans are the most common single floor house plans built in America.  In fact, they are an American design that began around 1920 but became popular in the 1940’s through the ’70’s.  They’re often associated with the development of the suburbs and tract housing of that time. The […]

Sheds and Outdoor Storage

A LITTLE MORE THAN FIRST MEETS THE EYE The sheds and outdoor storage business boomed in the seventies due to a mass market that had amassed more stuff and demanded more storage. Shed businesses sprang up from coast to coast and offered custom outbuildings for every taste and budget! Manufacturers, wanting to get in on […]

Your Lifestyle

Fitting remodeling projects into your lifestyle is a trick sometimes, and if it interferes in any way, the enjoyment gets sucked right out. And you should always enjoy your DIY projects! If your project is, for instance, the kitchen, include the remodel even in your entertaining. Show your guests what you are doing as you […]

Fix Garage Door Problems

BEFORE THEY CAUSE YOU  PROBLEMS It may be time to inspect and possibly fix garage door components if yourgarage door is rattling, squeaking, or is misaligned. Take a close look and see if anything seems loose or is shaking as you press the remote up and down. Often, if there is a problem, its something a homeowner can fix. Check Out the Metal Tracks […]

What’s a Final Inspection?

The final inspection is made after all other inspections (Roofing, Environmental, Electrical, etc.) are finished, approved and signed off by the appropriate inspector. Then, when the final walk-through is made successfully the inspection process is complete! You must be there for the final walk-through. A new house or addition cannot legally be occupied and permanent power cannot be provided […]