How to Best Keep Your Mattress Clean

by Fiona Rodgers (London, UK) If you’ve recently bought a mattress, you’ll know how expensive they can be. With that being said, you’ll want to keep it clean and fresh so that it will last longer, smell nicer, and be free from bugs and other unwanted creepy crawlies. Here are some ways to keep your […]

How To Do Plumbing

LEARN HOW TO DO PLUMBING YOURSELF   A few basic tips on how to do plumbing yourself and make fixes on the three major types of problems can save you a ton of money over the life of your home. The three are LEAKS, CLOGS and DRIPS. Fix it yourself and you won’t have to call a […]

Beach House Plans!

MAKING WHERE YOU DREAM COME TO WHERE YOU ALREADY LIVE! Your ideal beach house plans might be by the beach … but you don’t necessarily have to move there. You can create that look and feel in your present home!  Even if you live in the big city, if you love beach houses, you can incorporate some of the same […]

Kitchen Islands Ideas

KITCHEN ISLANDS IDEAS FOR SAVING MONEY Kitchen islands Ideas are floating around everywhere … in magazines, on TV and on the web. Because your kitchen is the center of your home and the hub for your life at home. You entertain, cook, eat and you maybe even read your mail, pay bills and surf the internet there! Well, if you don’t have […]

Getting a Plumbing Permit

You need a Plumbing Permit, when any new piping (PVC, copper, galvanized, cast iron or any other type of supply and drain lines) or re-piping work is being done. A plumbing permit is needed whenever a toilet, bathtub or sink is being replaced, moved or added. You’ll also need a permit if you plan on adding any […]

Gardening Pants

Looking Your Very Best When Dancing With Mother Nature Gardening pants have become the fashion wear of the yard and garden. And garden gloves are much more than work gloves. Today the fashion statement for working around the house outdoors is anything but utilitarian. Besides reinforced knees with pockets, snap-on knee pads and velcro closures, the […]

Your New Tile Countertop … Granite or Ceramic!

A TILE COUNTERTOP  Is a tile countertop in your future? Solid granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops, but the high cost of materials and installation can put a BIG dent in your home improvement budget. You say you really like the feel of granite, though. A less expensive alternative is a granite or ceramic tile countertop. There are 12”x12”, 8″x8″, 6″x6″ […]

Cabinet Hardware – a Door Knob, a Pull, and a Hinge or Two

THE NUTS & BOLTS OF IT Kitchen cabinet hardware is sort of a catch-phrase to mean “all those metal things attached to the doors and drawers.” The most basic, of course, are the hinges, knobs and pulls. A kitchen door knob is truly a thing of beauty. It shows who you are, what you like, […]

Feng Shui Colors

For Healing & Stimulation The use of color is an important element in feng shui. Feng shui colors refers to making specific color choices in your home, office, or living space to generate a specific kind of energy or focus in your mind and your life in that specific space. When you remodel or decorate, use […]

The Microwave Oven

It’s a funny word. Micro means small, and wave refers to some kind of frequency. So microwave must mean small frequency. Well, that’s only part of the story. While the name may suggest a small (or short) frequency, it’s better understood as indicating wavelengths very much smaller than those used in radio broadcasting. Can you imagine an invisible wave that can carry communications, act […]