General Plumbing Supply

General Plumbing Supply Parts Tips If you’re planning a kitchen or bath renovation, knowledge of general plumbing supply parts can be important. While many people might be aware of the most common PVC pipe and PVC plumbing fittings, they may have little knowledge of when to use what type of piping for supply lines and drain lines. […]

DIY Home Staging

DIY home staging seems obvious. Its your home, so however you live should be okay. Clean it up a little, set out a bowl of potpourri, put the for sale sign up and wait for an offer. Why change anything? Will anyone at all — especially a future buyer, who’s going to change the home anyway […]

Electrical Tool Kit

YOUR ELECTRICAL TOOL KIT: THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT!  Why not put together an electrical tool kit for minor repairs around the house? You may already have some of these tools in your toolbox or tool drawer, but you should consider having an special kit for the specific electrical components in your home. The tool apron […]

Outdoor Garden Shed

Using An Outdoor Garend Shed For Pots, Tools, Dirt & Stuff The Simplest Outdoor Garden Shed You’ll Find If you have even the smallest garden on your property it is almost essential that you have an outdoor garden shed. This is where you store all of the supplies to keep your garden alive and beautiful as well as […]

6 Handy Ideas to Consider Before Installing a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a state-of-the art feature which is proving popular in many homes. It offers a sociable area for family and friends to congregate whilst food is cooking, and it also offers storage and workspace. Not only can an island enhance the practicality of the living space but it can improve the room’s […]

Power Tools Review

Review Your Power Tool Basics  Create a “Power Tools Review List” and make sure you have the tools you need and they have the features you want. There are three essentials every homeowner should include in their power tools review list. If you plan on doing any improvements, remodeling or home repairs yourself, you’ll need […]

My Decorating Style

If you’ve ever wondered “what exactly is my decorating style?”, you’re not alone! Today, people have a seemingly unending array of options, and often purchase furniture and accessories based on spur of the moment emotion and discounts or sales. Everything, it seems, plays into the mix. Among the infinite choices of color, finish, products and of course, prices lies the real you […]

Plumbing Tool Rental

Plumbing tool rental stores and departments are everywhere … even in most big box home improvement stores. If you realize the tools you own are not up to the plumbing problem you have, and if its not an emergency, don’t panic. You may not have to call a plumber. There’s no need to waste your hard earned […]

A Few Random Cheap Ideas

This Random Cheap Ideas page came from a desire to apply cheap ideas to “expensive” projects like wood flooring, subway tiles, home theater systems and others and compile them into one place. If you have any random cheap ideas you’d like to share, send ’em to us! They can be for any remodeling project, tool or money-saving trick that can save us […]

Sell My House Myself

REMODELING TO “SELL MY HOUSE MYSELF” Preparing a house to sell, especially to “sell my house myself,” is on the minds of lots of people these days. But what, beyond staging, can you reasonably do? Well, if you’re willing to put in some time and a little money, here are a few tips on what […]