Cheap decorations for the home?

I need a website or store for cheap home decorations and furniture….also toys, and school supplies

or cheap design ideas for my new home

I'm in the home remodeling industry and do real estate investments and staging/decorating as well. I get most of my decorative accents from stores like.. Big Lots, Job-Lots,Ocean State Job Lot, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, Walmart. These store have really cheap prices on clearance goods that look great and nobody would ever know or believe what you paid for them. They all have furniture pieces, and all sell school supplies and toys, except Home Goods. Here are some tips below…

Interior Designer Tip/Trick #1

Always display items on a shelf or on a table in odd numbers only.

Ex: One large item alone, sets of three, Sets of five, sets of seven, nine, etc. Adds greater visual appeal, interest, and impact.

Interior Design Tip/Trick #2

Besides the usage of paint to introduce color into a room, try brighter colored throw pillows and rugs.(very inexpensive visual effect.)

Tip #3

Add Glass and/or mirrors to a room to make it appear larger and brighter. Glass bounces light and gives the illusion of a larger room.

Tip #4

Create your own artwork..most dollar stores always carry frames in a multitude of colors. At $1.00 each (10×11) or (12 x10) buiy sevral of them with matching frames, so you can use your computer to download images and print to put it them, also use matching left over fabric to put in them, cut out left over matching border or wallpaper an insert into frames, or scan pictures out of books and magazines. When hanging pictures always hang in pairings of even numbers. Ex: two side by side, 4, (two on top, two on bottom) 6 three on top, three on the bottom) 8 (four on top, four on the bottom).

Last tip…

Use inexpensive square or rectangular baskets all same color to store clutter.

Hope this helps! :0)