Cheap Home Alarm Ideas

Installing an alarm system in your home doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want to be alerted when an intruder enters your home, especially at night, there are cheap alarms that you can install yourself. The alarms are reliable and loud enough to wake even the soundest sleeper. Here are some ideas for putting together a cheap home alarm system.

Door Stopper Alarm

Though it looks like an ordinary door stopper, this type of alarm comes with a depressor on the top. You slide the door stopper under a closed door. Once someone tries to open the door, the depressor is pressed and the alarm is triggered. This type of alarm will work well for a front door, or for a door inside your home if you wish to be alerted when someone tries to enter.

Motion Detector with Remote Control

A motion detector alarm will go off within a certain distance from the alarm base. Products will range between distances of 3 feet to over 6 feet, depending on cost. Ideally, choose a motion detector on a swivel base, which will allow you to tilt the alarm as needed. With a remote control, the alarm is easy to turn on or off. Consider using this type of alarm high over the corridor leading to your bedrooms.

Motion Detector with Key Pad

Relying on the same principal, motion detectors with a key pad are similar to more expensive alarm systems. Once you activate the alarm, you’ll have 30 seconds to clear the area. Or 10 seconds to enter your code and disable the alarm once it is tripped. Consider using this type of alarm near your front door, stairs or corridor.

Window or Door Alarm

Made up of two components, this type of alarm is activated when the two parts are separated. When a window is opened (or a sliding door is slid open) the base piece which you attach to the wall or frame of the window is separated from the unit attached to the window or sliding door. Typically these pieces are easily adhered in place with a two-sided tape that comes with the alarm. Consider placing this alarm on your porch door or windows. Or even inside the house on a door that may be used to enter your home.

Door Alarm with Keypad

A slightly more sophisticated version of the two component alarm comes with a keypad, which allows you to set the alarm as needed. Consider using this type of alarm on main entryways to your home, as you can activate the alarm on leaving your house. Often the sound of an alarm will frighten intruders away.

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