Christmas Gifts from Recycled Materials

What seems like trash to you may be cherished by another. Those old burlap bags that came with your coffee or rice can be sown into hip bags, purses, laptop bags or backpacks. Paperboard boxes from cereal or frozen foods can be transformed into journals, while those candy wrappers can be weaved into a purse. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.


Old clothes such as sweaters and t-shirts can be transformed into something new and useful. Everyone has a bag a clothes sitting at the back of their closet. Instead of hauling it off to a thrift store; or worse, the landfill, put it to good use this holiday season.

One method of using old clothes is to cut your material into long strips. Sew each strip of material to make your own scrap, recycled yarn. You can use this to make hats, scarves or just about anything you can knit or crochet.

Old Sweater Rug

  1. Find between 4 to 12 old wool sweater from around your house. Felt your sweaters by washing them in hot water, and then drying them in the dryer with hot heat.
  2. Cut a strip about 1