Cleaning and decorating; DIY and tips? Help?

I'm cleaning and decorating my basement. I'll make this short and to the point: my 18th birthday is Friday, friends and family are joining us, and I want the basement to look perfect. I have many cleaning products, so that won't be a problem. I love do it yourself decorating ideas. Links to sites will be very helpful; most thorough answer will get Best Answer.

More in depth about the layout of the basement: coming down the stairs, you land in the den (carpeted). In the den is a fireplace, big-screen tv and a stand-up arcade game, two couches, coffee table, and computer wdesk. To the right of the den, we have a pool table and another stand-up arcade game. To the left of the stairs and just off the den is our second kitchen, it has beigewhite tile, a round glass table, and the counter lines the wall. No stove, no fridge, but there's a new sink and deep-freeze. Microwave is above the counters in the wall. Everything in the kitchen is pretty much white or beige. The den is darker with red brick fireplace, grey concrete walls, and grey carpet.

I hope there is enough detail for you! 🙂 Please and thanks in advance!!

You need Pinterest! You will find a ton of ideas and DIY advice, Decorating links, just do a search on there and you'll be hooked! I just did a search for “basement makeover” on there and I'm linking you below to the results page. You can start pinning ideas to your boards to keep them all in one easily accessible spot, and you can follow the people who have your same taste and keep up with what they are finding online. Take a look at the link. And good luck!