Colors That Go with Gray

This is a scheme that I have used in my own home although it was admittedly an afterthought. It’s popular on wallpaper and rugs. Look for trendy prints like lattice inspirations and go for a mod feel. Spend less money at stores like IKEA just so that you can replace these items soon because the palette really screams 2013. It’s even appearing as a wedding party color scheme; just make sure that you don’t regret this in your wedding photos 10 years from now.

Use Turquoise

This was a popular palette in 2011 but it’s still trendy now. Use it in a nursery or a living room. If you have a funky turquoise sofa or couch then tone it down with this wall color. Use it with decals or art that can easily be replaced. I wear this palette a lot too. I usually use silver and turquoise jewelry or just turquoise jewelry when a gray outfit is feeling a little bit drab.

Gray and Blue

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Gray and blue looks good on outfits or in the home.

Go Metallic

This is a color palette that I want when I finally get my own home. I really love this color so much that I want a bedroom that is totally gray. It may seem like a depressing idea but I plan on using rich fabrics like velvets and faux silks on my curtains and window treatments. I’ll need to make grand statements with mercury glass table lamps and possibly a wingback bed. I will pair it with a lot of silver and crystal but I think an all gray room will be incredibly soothing and peaceful.

Gray and Lavender

This is another color palette that I use in my own home. I also wear it in fashion a lot. It’s more soothing than the other palettes so I have used it on my bedding. I love the palette so much I would want to use it in the main living areas of my home but while it’s beautiful it literally makes me yawn.

Gray House Exterior Colors

You’ll need to go a little bit more classic when you’re using this on the exterior of your home. You probably have a lot of gray on the exterior of your home already such as cement or weathered shingles.
A few years ago a lot of burgundy and gray or red and gray exteriors were popular but now it depends more on the architecture of your home. Look for monochromatic modern homes. More traditional styles use bright white trim and black shutters for a colonial style exterior. This way it won’t become too dated. Also try this siding color if you have a bold color roof like blue.

Gray and Coral

This is a trendy palette for 2013. If gray seems dreary then you’ll need a bolder accent color. Use this with gray walls to brighten up a room. It’s also beautiful for a baby girl’s room or even a wedding color scheme. Use this more feminine look anytime you wouldn’t normally see gray such as a shabby chic room. Try this same principle in fashion with a bright coral handbag or bubble necklace with a gray flyaway cardigan.

Gray Shabby Chic

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This is a more masculine version of a typical shabby chic color palette. The gray has more of a blue tone to it and it looks lovely with the brighter pink tone.

More Colors That Look Good With Gray

If you want more of a graphic or mod feel than the classic choice is white. A darker charcoal or mid gray will be beautiful if you want plenty of contrast. Look for bold chevron style prints. This uses neutral colors in an interesting way. I usually like it the best with beautiful stripes for an interesting wall treatment. This is popular on Pinterest and works with other furniture tones.