Cure Reflux with Natural Home Remedies – Why Healing Your Esophagus and Sphincter is Easy

Did you know that you can cure reflux in hours but powerful drug companies are doing everything possible from keeping this information from you? In fact, most doctors are still unaware of the simplest home remedies to cure acid reflux. They were taught to prescribe medications!

But as the internet becomes more and more part of everyday life, thousands of reflux sufferers are learning about these simple remedies that have been around for hundreds of years. And because natural health is no longer taboo, natural home remedies have been the fastest growing treatment for many ailments, including acid reflux.

If you would like to permanently cure reflux in days, you are at the right place!

Cure the Problem and Not the Symptoms

Antacids and Reflux medication work because they neutralize the stomach acid that is being refluxed up. Over time, antacids and medications become less and less effective. And because they are only treating the symptoms (refluxed acid), you are actually causing more harm to your body over time. Let me explain.

The main reason why you are suffering from acid reflux (also called heartburn) is because of your esophagus (tube to bring food to stomach) is damaged and so is your sphincter (muscle flap that opens and closes to let food in stomach). Notice how antacids have nothing to do with healing these tissues.

And the reason why natural remedies have become so popular is because they remedy the problem. For instance, one natural remedy for acid reflux is honey. Honey works to soothe the tissue and actually rebuild the damaged tissue of both the esophagus and sphincter.

In other words, natural remedies work by curing the problem thus curing the symptoms. And antacids and medications work by only curing the symptoms (which leaves the esophagus and sphincter damaged). And this is part of the reason why antacid companies can make billions of dollars from their re-peat customers.

Cure Reflux with these Natural Remedy Tips

1. The first step to curing your reflux problem is to heal your esophagus and lower esophageal sphincter (LES). You can do this by doing multiple things including to only eat soft foods for 2 to 3 days. This will allow the tissue to heal from scratches and refluxed stomach acid.

2. You may also wish to avoid acidic and spicy foods which can also cause damage to both the esophagus and sphincter. Don’t drink alcohol, coffee and soft drinks for at least 2 days.

3. Instead of those drinks, we strongly recommend drinking only water. Especially water after every meal because it can keep the sphincter flap tightly sealed. This is one tip to keep stomach acid where it belongs… in the stomach.

4. You should also avoid lying down 3 hours after every meal or snack. Allow gravity to keep your sphincter shut by staying in an upward position. I have also heard from a few customers who have raised the head of their bed.

5. Finally, educate yourself on all the various remedies and things you can do for acid reflux. With over 7 proven researched remedies, acid reflux is a disease you can permanently cure at home.