Custom Home Lighting

Custom home lighting requires a blend of art, math, and hard science to make a living space truly exceptional and personalized. Cost efficiency has to be factored into the equation to ensure that a superior level and quality of lighting does not cost an arm and a leg in electrical expenses. Custom home lighting must compliment interior decorating and the daily activities of the family in order to blend harmoniously and seamlessly into the many facets of daily life and entertainment. DIY lighting kits and box store fixtures fall short in many respects when it comes to the finer nuances of this very eclectic and complicated discipline, and they often produce disappointing results that lack long-term viability. Working with a professional team that is licensed in electrical engineering and extensively trained in interior home lighting design, on the other, hand, can produce amazing results when approached with a systematic process that has proven itself viable and sustainable for over 27 years.

Analysis of energy efficiency
With energy efficiency becoming the new buzzword in the lighting industry, custom home lighting really must begin with a careful examination of existing fixtures. Because California has already banned incandescent lighting, a new push is on the way to replace incandescents nationwide in anticipation of similar legislation from Coast to Coast. Many people are retrofitting store-bought fluorescent bulbs to lamps and overhead lights in places like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. These lights do save a lot of power and last for many years as promised. Sometimes, however, they do not provide an adequate match to the existing fixtures into which they are installed, and the quality of home lighting may diminish if a proper analysis of the equipment is not conducted by a lighting design professional.
ILD technicians will check existing fixtures and lamps to ensure that they are operating at their highest possible energy efficiency rating and producing a quality of luminance that is aesthetically and functionally appropriate to the lifestyle of the resident who expect exceptional interior lighting designs.
Photometric study of lighting levels
In order to properly assess both the efficiency and the quality of home lighting, and to custom design a superior system in the process, we conduct a scientific, photometric lighting analysis of your home at the point by point level. We use a custom home lighting software program that allows us to go through your every room in your home and develop hypothetical lighting design models that consist of varying combinations and levels of light. This software also allows us to render a 3D, animated movie of any hypothetical system that allows you to see what a walkthrough of your home would look like if that system were installed. This gives you the power to foresee results prior to authorizing an installation, choose between different options, and make any changes you desire prior to signing anything.

Creating of layered lighting effects
Our team is renowned for combining custom home lighting design with home lighting control in such a way as to lay down multiple layers of light that combine to create unique atmospheres and moods in various portions of the home. These layered lighting effects have a powerful effect on human emotions and can be used to set the tone for family gatherings, home theater, musical appreciation, fine art collecting, displays of collectibles, and parties. They can also be used on a practical level to set the pace for daily activities that sometimes require a bit of an emotional push to get us to do. Lights can be adjusted to create and “activity based” atmosphere conducive to doing things such as studying, home projects, repairs, and cleaning.
With the right combination of automation and manual controls, you can have instant, one-touch access to a myriad of colors, brightness levels, and special lighting effects throughout the house.
Installation of fixtures with better glare shielding, reflectors, and lamping technology
We take a “less is more” approach to physical equipment whenever possible. Too many visible ceiling light fixtures tend to clutter the ambience of a room, so we custom design home lighting systems around the principles of concealment and the mathematical calculation of optimal lighting angles. We use only equipment that is engineered with the best optics, glare shielding, and lamping technology available from today’s top manufacturers. The lights we install are American-made, factory-grade, and backed up with written warranties from our nation’s leading manufacturers. We aim to give you the best in both design and technology so that reduced power costs and minimized replacements help recover your investment over the years to come.
It starts with a simple phone call
Regardless of whether we are helping you play or work, our custom home lighting services are intended to meet your needs on every level and to provide a key ingredient to a quality, peaceful, and fulfilling lifestyle.