Decorating Business Office Spaces

First impression counts! So why is your office space so cluttered? Perhaps being judgmental here doesn’t solve the problem but many a times, employers couldn’t be bothered with how their office spaces looked simply because profit is their main concern. Therefore, decorating an office space is synonymous to a delicate balancing act. On one hand, you would like to make your office space appear inviting and cozy for the employees and visitors but on the other hand, you want it to remain professional in look and feel. Perhaps a few tips at hand could change your perception?

First of all, what is the type of business office spaces are you conducting? Is it in the banking and legal industries or the advertising industries? Different industries influence how you should decorate the office space. For conventional and traditional businesses, you should go for the conservative setting whereby the decoration is kept to a minimal so as to look sleek and professional. However, creative industries should go WILD when it comes to decorating because how catchy the decoration is could influence clients on whether to subscribe towards your services.

As for color theme, conventional business office spaces should go for the neutral color tone such as white, beige and light brown. For the creative industries, there is no definite limit towards one’s creativity. Besides that, you could also try to make your office space as green as possible. What is meant by going green is not painting and color coordinating all the furniture with the color green but simply by having green plants within the office spaces. This not only provides fresh air towards the employees, it will give a fresh and vibrant look towards the office space. Moreover, adding a few plants and indoor trees to your office setup will make your employees feel less cut off from the outside world, especially in offices located in very urban areas.