Different Reasons For Using Outdoor Lighting In Chicago

There are many different types of outdoor lighting in Chicago. Each lighting type is used for a different reason. Here are some of the different reasons outdoor lighting in Chicago is used and the types of light you would use for that reason.

To Provide Light So Those Who Are Outdoors Can See: An attached, outdoor light fixture is most commonly attached to the home near doors, such as the front door, back door and garage doors. The primary purpose for an attached, outdoor light fixture is to provide light so a person can see. This sort of lighting allows someone to find their keys and insert them in the keyhole, or see who is at their door when it is dark out. It provides light when people are sitting on their back patio chatting or provides light so someone who pulls into the driveway can see the path to the front door.

For Security: Motion detection lights and flood lights offer security and safety to a homeowner. A motion detection light turns on when motion is detected, which may help to scare away a would be burglar. And a flood light helps illuminate an outdoor area around the property, so a homeowner can turn on the light if they hear strange noises and ensure all is well. Additionally, these types of lights are placed near pools and spas. They are much more efficient at lighting up a space than an attached light fixture, which is ideal if you want to allow people to swim when it is dark outside.

To Illuminate A Path: Path lights and garden lights are placed along a path or physically embedded into the material that is used to create the path or walkway. These types of light provide just enough lighting that someone is able to see the walkway or the stairs, ensuring they know where they are going and don’t get hurt while walking. The majority of these lights are powered by solar energy. Because they don’t give off much light, the power they receive from the sun is often enough for them to provide the dim light they give off.

To Draw Your Attention To A Focal Point: An uplight is a small, Chicago outdoor lighting fixture that can help illuminate a focal point in the yard. An up light can shine light upward on a fountain, a tree or other important element in the yard. These lights are often called mini-spotlights, because they resemble a spotlight shining light on the key features of a yard.

To Accent A Space in a Yard: A backlight is similar to an uplight. However, instead of the light shining upward on one specific item, the light is placed behind items, help to accentuate the whole area. For example, if you have a beautiful flowering hedges in your yard, a backlight can be placed behind the hedges. This provides just enough light so that people can see them, but the outdoor lighting in Chicago does not supply so much light that it makes it the focal point of a yard. To Add a Decorative Touch: One of the most popular forms of outdoor lighting is decorative lighting or specialty lighting. This category encompasses any type of outdoor lighting that is used for decorative purposes. This can include tiki torches, strands of lights, LED rope lighting, underwater lighting, and lanterns. Although each type of decorative lighting gives off light, the primary purpose of this sort of lighting is to provide color and decoration and to add to the mood and ambiance of a space, rather than to give off a functional form of light.