Your Disposable Cash

Disposable cash. Sounds like you have money to burn, doesn’t it? In the case of remodeling projects, its money you can safely put into a project and not miss. So, you’ll need to know how much. 

To find the bottom line: 1) draw a floor plan, 2) research online, 3) talk to the people who know materials and prices and 4) make a list. When you have a total cost, add 50%. That’s what the pros do. That way, you’re covered … and if you come out pleasantly surprised, take your mate to dinner!

A drawing should give you enough information to make smart decisions, and you can produce one in a very short time. Do this before you do anything else, as it will be important when you talk to anyone about the job. And remember to have fun with it. Remodeling should be enjoyable and even exciting. And, as long as you have the cash to do it … it will be!.