DIY Home Fix Tips Creates New Post Revealing the Secrets of How to Fix a Sagging Door Like a Pro

Erie, Pa (PRWEB) October 28, 2013


DIY Home Fix Tips is constantly on the lookout for ways to make home repairs more efficient and less expensive.

This month, DIY Home Fix Tips explains how to adjust door hinges to keep sagging doors from rubbing in their frames.

Often times, as a house ages and settles, entrance doors and even doors leading into each of the rooms of the house start to rub on the tops and or sides of their frames.

Most people have no idea that the fix in many cases is so simple.

In the worst cases, the doors have to be taken down and then cut to fit the new shape of the opening.

Very often, the only problem is that the screws holding the hinges in place have loosened up.This can usually be corrected by inserting a larger screw. This can also be corrected by shoving a piece of wood or 1/8 wooden dowel rod into the screw hole and reinserting the screws. This should be the first choice over using a larger screw as larger screws sometimes actually interfere with the hinge operation.(Never use a lag screw as the head on lag screws will definitely interfere with the hinge operation.)

In newer homes where the settling is a little more severe, the rubbing can be corrected by adjusting the door hinges.

This will take a little more time, but is still something any DIY er can do, To find out how to adjust the door hinges, read the entire article at diy home Fix Tips.

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