Diy Home Nas Server

DIY: Build Your Own Windows Home Server | PCWorld
The attraction of a home server, such as Windows Home Server, is obvious for any household with several computers. But even if you have just one PC, the technology offers significant benefits — such as automatic backups that will let you survive a catastrophic hard drive failure

Build A Home Server With FreeNAS – DIY Tryin
Build a Network Attached Storage machine using FreeNAS. DIY Tryin: Build A Home Server With FreeNAS – Build a Network Attached Storage machine using FreeNAS.

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Windows Home Server/DIY NAS Software/NAS Device? Which Do You …
Hi, I currently have a DNS-323 NAS box w/2 500GB SATA II's in mirrored configuration. I have been debating on going Windows Home Server route or perhaps using my old PC for a DIY NAS setup utilizing free software.

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DIY Raid 5 NAS
DIY from RAID5 NAS / SERVER competing with QNAP TS-439 / TS-459 Pro NAS. INTEL ATOM 330 based motherboard with nvidia ION chipset. External storage for Soho and home users. Multiple functions in 1 machine, newgroup downloading, torrent downloading, server functions (mail ftp internet etc).