DIY Ideas for Crocheting Your Home Decor

Crocheting your home decor is fun, and it’s an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your interior design. Do you enjoy crochet and other DIY projects? Turn your hobby into a way to save money on decorating the home. Don’t overdo it by filling every corner with yarn-made projects; keep it classy with some crochet flowers here and a throw pillow there. Try these ideas.

Artificial flowers

What can you do with all that extra yarn? Make artificial flowers to decorate your home; you don’t need a lot of yarn to make one flower. You can attach them to baskets, blankets, pillows, or you can make entire bouquets to decorate the table. Pile them inside a shallow bowl or attach green pipe cleaners and place a floral arrangement inside a vase.

Doilies and table runners

When you think of doilies, you probably picture your grandmother’s house. People usually place them on an end table, often underneath a lamp or vase. You don’t necessarily have to use your doily on the table though; why not turn it into a decorative dream catcher? Or, crochet a table runner and place a clear, plastic tablecloth over it for a finished look.

Accent pillows

Accent pillows can dress up a sofa, and they can easily be swapped out with the seasons. Crochet red pillows for the fall, and navy ones for winter. They are a fun, decorative way to change up your decor for a fresh look. When you crochet your own accent pillows, you can add beads, fringe and other unique touches to each one.

Afghans and throw blankets

Afghans are a fun winter project that, once it is complete, can be used as adornment in the home. Lay a crocheted blanket over a solid comforter in the bedroom for a completely unique look, or fold it up and place it on the end of the bed. Or, simply place it over the back of the sofa so it can be available when it gets chilly.

Home accessories

There are tons of fun, decorative crochet patterns available online. Crochet curtains for your windows. Do you love animals? Ever heard of amigurumi? Crochet stuffed animals to decorate a kids’ bedroom. You can use your talent for crochet to craft wreaths, ornaments and–depending on your skill level–a number of different decorative items for the home.

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