DIY Organization Ideas for Your Kitchen

When we think about organizing our kitchens we think about cleaning tasks like washing windows, cabinet fronts, and walls. We are more concerned about the places that visitors see than the places we deal with on a daily basis. Let’s talk about some DIY ideas for organizing your kitchen that will help you in your daily use of the area.

1. Chest Freezers: Purchase several clear plastic storage containers. They need to sit inside the freezer side by side and be small enough to pick up. Use a permanent marker and write beef, chicken, pork, frozen veggies, or whatever you keep in the freezer, on the lids. Spread the containers on the floor around the freezer and start sorting everything out of the freezer.

The newer food is going into the bottom and the older will now be on the top of each storage container. When the containers or full, place the lid on them and cover them with a blanket while you defrost or wash out the interior of the freezer. Set the plastic containers in the freezer. You have a well organized, easily accessed system to get what you want from the freezer without searching.

2. Spice cabinets: Take all of the spices out of the cabinet and wash the interior. If you do not have a step up spice organizer or a lazy susan you can make “steps.” A unique idea is to use the bottom part of the log of cheese box as a step up at the back of the cabinet. Cover the cardboard with contact paper. Check the expiration date on each spice as you organize them. Throw away any out dated spices. Write the expiration date across the label so you see it when you use the spice.

3.Under cabinet lighting: An easy way to create more light on the kitchen counter below the wall cabinets is to use the battery operated push on lights. They will easily stick or screw to the underside of the wall cabinets. They are inexpensive so you can add as many as you like without worrying about electric wires. You won’t have unsightly cords strung under the cabinet leading to a plug in.

4. Organizing knife drawers: Knife drawers can be dangerous if you have small children in the house. Purchase a plastic cheese loaf container. Cheese loaves are often sold with the plastic keeper as an incentive to buy it. These cheese holders will sit upside down in a kitchen drawer. Sort the kitchen knives into the deep part of the cheese keeper and snap the flat piece onto it. Little fingers are protected, yet the knives are easily accessible.

5. Recycling a crock pot for decoration and organization: If you have had an old crock pot that doesn’t work it can become a decoration or an organization tool. Cut the cord off of the crock pot. Use it on the cabinet by the stove to put cooking utensils in, or buy a small potted plant to put in it for a stylish kitchen decoration. Leave the plant in the container and sit a bowl upside down in the crock pot to allow for drainage.

6. Stackable cooling racks: Purchase several sets of stackable cooling racks. My favorite is a collapsible rack that unfolds into two racks. Use these racks in the fridge to help organize small items. You can stack desserts, or small containers of yogurt. Place individual cooling racks in the crisper drawers to allow air to circulate around vegetables and fruits.

7.Shoe rack storage: Hang a shoe rack on the back of a pantry door to easily organize storage bags, rolls of wax paper, foil, and new sponges. Fill the pockets with the little things that are easily lost.

8.CD Box Storage Small envelopes of gravy or chili mix get lost. Purchase a plastic CD box. You can get these at used stores for very little money. Make your own index sections from thin cardboard. Organize the envelopes in a way you can easily find what you are looking for and store the box in your pantry or cabinet.

These suggestions will help you get your kitchen organized and running smoothly, thus giving you more time to spend with your family. Work on one project at a time so you do not get overwhelmed. It may take days or weeks, but that is okay!


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