DIY Pagan?

I would like to ask all the pagans, witches, wiccans, and wizards on here to answer this question:

Do you think there is a market for the Do it yourself pagan items such as books of shadows, runes, wands and the like? I have been talking to my fiance about products to make for our online store and he is suggesting DIY pagan articles but I'm not as sure. Any suggestions on what is needed in this area would be appreciated. All responses will be seriously researched and added to our list of items to produce. I thank you all in advance for your help in this issue. Blessings to you all.


I'm not wanting to profit on OUR beliefs or tools. I'm wanting to make them more accessible to others who cannot make them. And it does not cheapen the art of the Craft. It does provide a service that some cannot perform. Do you think places like Isis Books or Capricorns Lair aren't profiting from their sites? Or Llewellyns? Or Witch Vox? I'm trying to offer a service to those who are not able to make these items theirselves. And some who would like to instill their energies into their magickal tools but don't have time, space or possibly the know how to create them.

And I am talking of kits and such for making your own runes, books of shadows and such. Although I'm also talking of these items being made of natural products such as wood (as an example). I don't see anything wrong in sharing my knowledge in this area with others and offering them a choice.

I would also like to add that I am a tradeswoman and witch and therefore feel there's nothing wrong with charging for my items.

As for the kits, there would be choices one could make as to the wood and articles for making their books, wands and runes. At this time I actually make them myself and usually sell them online. I don't have any for sale at this time but will be working on some in the near future. If anyone has any further ideas of items to make for witches, wiccans and the like please pass them on. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks everyone.

I think there is absolutely a market for this type of thing! Being a city witch with two full time jobs make its hard enough to practice as it is, let alone create my own tools. If someone fortunate enough to live in an area where natural items are readily accessable has the ability to create quality tools, I would be more than happy to purchase them and consecrate them myself…

Other than runes, custom BoS's, etc, and depending on your abilities, you could create besoms, altar pentacles (carved from clay, stone, or wood; wood-burnt, hand painted, etc), etched chalices, offering dishes (you could even obtain wooden plates and bowls and use a wood burner to customize them), even robes if your skills allow.

Granted, a good portion of these things require a certain amount of artistic ability, but if you're lucky enough to have it, then your options are fairly limitless! Personally, I lack artistic ability completely and have no interest in most of the common “paganware” out there – it seems as though it's all very much the same – and I know that I speak for many when I say that anyone willing to customize such items for me would be a very valuable asset (as long as it was within my price range 😛 ) I hope this was of some help!

Best of luck!