Do It Yourself Bathroom Shower Tile Remodel

One of the best ways to spruce up a boring, old, or outdated bathroom is by doing a bathroom remodel on your tile shower. If your shower is not tiled, you can easily do a bathroom remodel to tile your shower. Either way, adding or replacing the tile in your shower is like a facelift for your entire bathroom.

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Choosing the Tile

Choosing the tile that you use for your bathroom remodel to tile your shower can be overwhelming. It is an easy choice if you want to use standard colors like white or black, but other colors are much harder to choose. If you do not naturally have an eye for color, all of the different colors and designs can be stressful and give you a headache!

Instead of stressing over the colors, go to a paint store or the paint section of a larger store. Look at the color swatches. Most of these color swatches have three or four colors on them and have several other accent colors near them. Take these swatches to the tile section and use them to find tiles that go well together.

Doing It Yourself

A bathroom remodel for your tile shower is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. All tiling is, is tile and grout. If you do not feel comfortable putting the tile on or do not know how to do this bathroom remodel with tiles for your shower, almost any home improvement store will probably have free lessons on how to tile. Simply call the store and ask what their schedule is for home improvement sessions and tiling. You will be able to do your own tiling at the session and learn exactly what to do to get the best results.

When You Have a Tub and Shower

It is different to tile a shower than it is to tile a shower and tub combo. When you are doing a bathroom remodel for a tub and shower, make sure to ask the salesperson at the home improvement store about specifics in reference to a tub and shower tile remodel. If you do not wish to use an actual tub and want to tile the tub section, there are some very specific precautions and specifications to be done with the tile. If you do not feel comfortable, do not hesitate to hire someone to help you. While tiling walls is easy for a novice, tiling a tub is not quite as easy!