Dramatising your home with elegant table lamps

You have just bought your dream home and now you are all set to decorate it exactly the way that you want. Here’s a thought… Most people will get their furniture, wall décor, window accessories etc. in place and then once all of this is done they go out and pick up table lamps from the first store that they see. Don’t do this! Lamps are as much a part of your home as any of the other well thought of elements that you might have. You need to give them some thought before buying them as elegant table lamps, when used in the correct way can accentuate the look of your home instead of merely being just a source of light.
Choosing the right kind of lamps for your home

There are plenty of elegant table lamps available in the market today. However you must keep in mind that just because they look nice is the store window does not necessarily mean that they will suit your home. Once you have done up your home the way you want it, take a step back and study it. Figure out the places that could use a lamp. Only once you have done this does it make sense for you to go out and shop for them. You must also remember that a lamp needs to be in proportion to what it is placed on. Thought must also be given to the kind of lampshade that you want. The lampshade is the part that attracts the most attention especially when it is lit. Care needs to be taken to see that it matches the décor of your home and blends in beautifully.

Practical lighting
Elegant table lamps also need to be practical. There is no point in placing a lamp that does not give out too much light in a place that requires a lot of lighting. Science shows that lighting can play a large role in our moods. Dull and dreary places in the house can make you feel lethargic and low, while bright places lift ones moods instantly. This is especially true in the winter and monsoon when natural light is at all time low. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing lamps for your home.
Decorative and dramatic lighting
Elegant table lamps can be used for fun too.  If you find that there are areas in your house that could do with a bit of character, you could consider a lamp that throws interesting shadows on the walls. However, you need to be careful while doing this because if it is done wrong, the whole look could get quite messy.